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It all started with a question…

So what do you do if your favorite activities are playing board games, solving Sudokus and crossword puzzles, working with teams, and traveling around the world?  That’s the question Dr. Clue founder, Dave Blum, asked himself way back in 1995. After an eclectic career in ESL teaching, tourism and non profits, Dave – like many of us — got to thinking: “ Surely there’s something I can do for work that’s as fun and as satisfying as my hobbies?”  Dave soon discovered that his skills, interests and abilities didn’t quite match what was out there in the job market. Clearly, if he was going to find the perfect job, Dave would have to bring it into the world himself. And so Dr. Clue Treasure Hunts was born.

Dr. Clue’s first teambuilding event is a hit.

In the fall of 1995 Dr. Clue launched its first treasure hunt, in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park. Twenty-five of Dave’s friends showed up – on bicycle – for a rolling treasure hunt  jaunt around the park. Feedback was strong!  Much encouraged, Dave next took on a fundraising hunt assignment for a local synagogue. Over 100 people showed up this time, including an attorney who later asked Dave, “Can you do this for my firm?” One program led to another – a website emerged – and soon clients from all over the country were asking: “Can you create something for us here in Baltimore?” “How about a hunt in the French Quarter?” “Do you have treasure hunt available in Las Vegas?”  Who knew that people were so eager to play treasure hunts!  Over the next 18 years, Dave and Dr. Clue would go on to create over 125 corporate teambuilding treasure hunts worldwide, for such clients as Oracle, Cisco, T-Mobile, Bank of America, Apple, Adobe, Johnson and Johnson, and many others. Some of Dr. Clue’s global treasure hunt locations include Chicago, New York, Orlando, London, Paris, Geneva, Madrid and even Dubai.

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