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The World’s Greatest Team-building Treasure Hunt Company!

A bold statement, perhaps, but look at the evidence. 135 hunt locations world wide. Over 800 clients, including many of the world’s top companies. 18 years experience. The facts speak for themselves. We’re the guys to call if you need the ultimate professional treasure hunt with a strong teambuilding element. Hands down.


Why Dr. Clue does what it does…

Most companies tell you WHAT they do and HOW they do it but neglect to fully explain WHY they do it.  They’ve got things backwards! 

At Dr. Clue, our WHY is that we don’t want to see even one more disengaged employee/team member in the workplace!

Engagement flows both ways — down from management AND up from the employee.   It’s absolutely heart-breaking to observe people “checking out” at work and on teams…heart-breaking and also unnecessary.     Dr. Clue exists to provide fun and enjoyment, yes, but also to teach management cutting-edge employee-engagement skills, and to “coach-up” your staff so that they can start bringing their full selves to the office every day.  

Three things we especially LOVE about our treasure model of team and employee engagement are:

1) Connecting People:   During our team-building programs, we get our biggest charge from watching your staff getting to know each other in a whole new way, building deeper trust, familiarity and a family-like feeling with colleagues old and new.  There’s something unique about treasure hunts that consistently breaks down barriers between people.   You’ve gone out on an fast-paced, time-sensitive, problem-solving adventure together; that’s not something you soon forget!   Dr. Clue LOVES facilitating this interaction.

2) Puzzles:   We LOVE puzzles and think you will, too.   When you look at the stats, we clearly live in a puzzle age.   Worldwide, the number of crossword puzzlers runs in the tens of millions.  Sudoku players run up to 80 million.   Angry Birds was at 260 million users at last count.  Puzzles are so popular for a reason.  Says Will Shortz, crossword editor for the NY Times and NPR, “With a human-made puzzle, you have the satisfaction of being completely in control: you start the challenge from the beginning , and you move all the way to the end.   That’s a satisfaction you don’t get much in real life.  You feel in control, and that’s a great feeling.”    We LOVE watching our hunt participants dig into our clever, full-page puzzles and work them out, step by step.   We LOVE seeing you experience that “Aha/Eureka” moment as you solve each clue, receiving that delicious sense of completion as you pull meaning out of chaos.

3) Bringing your Host Area Alive:   When Dr. Clue scouts a new, historic neighborhood or museum, that area comes alive for us.   The hidden treasures we stumble upon –statues, plaques, murals, monuments, historical signs, time capsules, etc.– are like gold nuggets in a prospector’s pan.     Like a cross between a tour leader and Sherlock Holmes, we LOVE sharing our discoveries with you and hearing about your own findings. 


To Summarize, then:

  • What Dr. Clue happens to do is corporate team-building.
  • How we do it is via puzzle-based treasure hunts and charity events.
  • WHY we do it is all about LOVE :   love of connecting people, love of puzzles and love of bringing new places alive for our clients.    

If our WHY resonates with you and your group, then we have definitely got the program for you!



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