Dr. Clue:  “The World’s Greatest, Solution-Oriented Team-Building Company”!

…A bold statement, perhaps, but consider our track record: 150+ hunt locations world wide; over 800 satisfied clients served (including many of the world’s top companies);  20+ years experience. The numbers speak for themselves. We’re the guys to call if you need an ELITE team-building program (Treasure Hunt OR Corporate Social Responsibility) that helps you bridge the gap between where you team IS and where you NEED them to be.


Why we do what we do…



Have you seen the Da Vinci Code, Indiana Jones, Romancing the Stone, The Goonies?     They’re all about solving puzzles, following a trail of breadcrumbs and using your wits to discover hidden treasure.    We LOVE this model.   Brains and brawn!  Mystery, intrigue. Cleverness. Action.   We want to share our love of clues with the world!




INTERESTING PSYCHOLOGICAL FACT:  We want our relationships to be BOTH safe/secure AND (simultaneously) stimulating/exciting. 

At Dr. Clue, we believe that work is a significant relationship:  between us and our jobs, between ourselves and our co-workers.  According to relationship expert Esther Perel in a very popular Ted Talk, one of the most challenging things about relationships is a basic human paradox:


At the heart of all relationships (work included) is a dichotomy, namely:

  • We want security and we want adventure
  • We want predictability and we want novelty
  • We want safety and we want mystery
  • We want dependability and we want risk
  • We want reliability and we want danger
  • We want permanence and we want the unknown
  • We want anchoring and we want travel
  • We want grounding and we want the unexpected
  • We want home and we want surprise


And this applies to our work relationships!  Work doesn’t have to be just a means to an end…a way to ensure security for ourselves and our families.   At Dr. Clue, our goal is to help you balance out the emotional spread sheet…to re-inject into the workplace what we all secretly desire, namely:

  • Adventure
  • Novelty
  • Mystery
  • Risk
  • Danger
  • The Unknown
  • Journey
  • Travel
  • Surprise
  • And the Unexpected


Our mission at Dr. Clue is to break down the cubicle walls… to re-connect teams and teammates with their wild, swash-buckling, adventurous selves.


Every fire requires oxygen!   When teams re-awaken their bold, adventurous natures together, a deep and true bonding occurs.  You have to see it to believe it.