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The World’s Greatest Team-building Treasure Hunt Company!

A bold statement, perhaps, but look at the evidence. 135 hunt locations world wide. Over 800 clients, including many of the world’s top companies. 19 years experience. The numbers speak for themselves. We’re the guys to call if you need the ultimate professional treasure hunt with a strong business/teambuilding element. Hands down.


Why Dr. Clue does what it does…

Most companies tell you WHAT they do and HOW they do it but neglect to fully explain WHY they do it.  They’ve got things backwards! 


Dr. Clue is 100% dedicated to partnering with employees to re-connect with themselves, their colleagues, their organization and their own, inherent brilliance.

We want every single person in corporate America to reclaim their connection to the workplace.  That means reclaiming your connection with:

·         the higher purpose of your work

·         your co-workers and your teammates

·         your environment

·         your body, mind, and emotions

·         your full, latent energy


  • What Dr. Clue does is corporate team-building.
  • How we do it is via puzzle-based treasure hunts and charity events.
  • WHY we do it is to eradicate employee disengagement and disconnection from the workplace, helping people to reclaim and surpass the original excitement they brought to the team their first day in the organization. 

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