Guided Hunts

Dr. Clue offers fun, thought-provoking, puzzle-based games in a variety of formats, at a variety of venues. Check out our dynamic Clue Trek game packages (Basic, Premium and VIP), held in some of the world's most fascinating neighborhoods, parks and museum. Looking to do something indoors at your next meeting? Check out stimulating Philanthropic Community Service games, held in your own office or hotel meeting space.

Clue Trek — Premium (with smart phone app)

Our Clue Trek Premium Hunt is easily the best bang for your buck. Full-facilitated with take-away lessons about team engagement and trust, this high-tech hunt (with our signature smart phone app) helps teams celebrate success, bring extended-teams together, build rapport and blow off steam — and so much more.

Clue Trek: Basic

Our Clue Trek Basic Hunt is our no-frills treasure hunt without all the bells and whistles. Great for all types of groups, whether you’re celebrating recent success, bringing extended-teams together to build rapport, or looking for a unique way to blow off steam while exploring the neighborhood.