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DIY: Build-A-Treasure-Hunt Kit

Best for groups seeking to create their own treasure hunt: in their office, around their corporate campus, in a nearby park or museum, out and about in their community, etc.

our clues, your locations

DIY: Build-A-Treasure-Hunt – Drive Around Town

Best for groups seeking a longer, non-structured recreational activity that will explore an entire city.

you match the clues with your locations

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DIY: Build-A-Treasure-Hunt – Pub Crawl Kit

Best for adult groups seeking to create their own recreational treasure hunt: in and around their neighborhood pubs, bars and taverns.

puzzles and pubs - what could be better?

DIY: Puzzling Networking Game

Best for groups seeking a fun, energizing, networking exercise that gets people working and thinking together. Great for icebreakers, networking events, parties, cocktail hours, etc.

a totally new networking experience

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DIY: "Find-Someone-Who" Bingo

Best for groups seeking to energize a party or networking event in a non-threatening manner. The classic game of bingo with a Dr. Clue twist.

Networking Bingo - it makes networking fun!

DIY: Table Rebus

Best for large, group dinners in a meeting or ballroom, where participants don't know their table mates or the rest of the people in the room. Puzzle solving combined with creative performance!

Team puzzle solving fun in your office

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