Guided Hunts

In all of our 135+ corporate team building treasure hunt locations, you can choose one of three options. If you’re looking for the most economical program, with fantastic paper-based puzzles and clues that will stretch both your minds and your bodies, try our Clue Trek Basic Hunt. For a department wishing to explore the “inner game” of teamwork (communication, trust, engagement), with a high-tech, smart-phone angle, opt for our Clue Trek Premium Hunt. And for a group that wants the VIP treatment, with Dr. Clue founder Dave Blum, don’t miss our Clue Trek VIP program.

Click on each option below below to learn how you can customize your Dr. Clue team-bulding program to match your group needs and challenges. Whether your program takes place in San Francisco, New York, Las Vegas, Paris, Geneva, Dubai, or a host of other worldwide destinations, your Dr. Clue corporate team building event will bring out the best in your team – on the day of the event and far into the future.

Clue Trek: Basic

Our Clue Trek Basic Hunt is our no-frills treasure hunt without all the bells and whistles. Great for all types of groups, whether you’re celebrating recent success, bringing extended-teams together to build rapport, or looking for a unique way to blow off steam while exploring the neighborhood.

Clue Trek — Premium (with smart phone app)

Our Clue Trek Premium Hunt is easily the best bang for your buck. Full-facilitated with take-away lessons about team engagement and trust, this high-tech hunt (with our signature smart phone app) helps teams celebrate success, bring extended-teams together, build rapport and blow off steam — and so much more.

Clue Trek — VIP Program (wth Dave Blum)

Our Clue Trek VIP program is similar to our Premium program, with a big difference: it’s facilitated by Dr. Clue founder and CEO Dave Blum. Read on for the extra bonuses.

Community Service: The Puzzling Bike-Build Workshop

Corporate philanthropy meets treasure hunting! There’s never been a better time to give back!

Community Service: S.O.S. — Support Our Students

Your group can have a great time treasure hunting and learning new team skills while gathering needed gifts for teachers and students!

Community Service: Dinner Kits for Needy Families / Backpacks for Vets

You’ll work together, building your own team while providing veterans-in-need and/or needy families with much-needed goods, clothing, appliances, or dinner items.