2) Clue Trek — Premium (OFF-SITE, 1/2-day hunt)



Do you have a department or division that is more than half way there — right on the cusp, in fact, of becoming a truly high-performance team — if it could just get over the hump?   This is the hunt program for you.

The Premium Clue Trek is our advanced team-development program, making full use of today’s smart phone/tablet technology.  Including a thorough introduction (with icebreakers and high-performance-team content) and an in-depth debrief, the Premium  Clue Trek helps participants get to know each other, break down boundaries, build rapport and much, much more — all with a high-tech twist.


  • The 5 Components of Team Trust
  • The 7 Causes of Team Disengagement
  • The 5 Ways Team Members can Raise their Own Engagement, both at work and at home

By the end of your day with Dr. Clue, your team will accelerate the familiarity-building process, create a more relaxed, collaborative team atmosphere, learn essential personal and team EQ skills … and have a ton of fun in the process.

Choose from one of our 140+ pre-scouted off-site hunt locations, indoors or outdoors, or have a designer program made for you, from scratch, at your preferred location (an extra design cost will apply).


  • Increased awareness of your teammates on a personal level
  • Bonding and raised morale
  • Integration of new members into the team
  • A fun and irreverent walking tour around the hunt’s geographic area
  • Practice at delegation and the leveraging of diverse skills and knowledge


  • 8-15 of the world’s most clever clues, based on wordplay, codes, ciphers, history, music, literature, geography and pop culture trivia.  Expect anything from Morse Code to Braille, from word puzzles to Pig Latin…in short, the whole kitchen sink.  :)   Our clue writers are Stanford and Yale graduates, so you can bet that these clues are stimulating!  :)
  • Area maps, pens and decoder sheets
  • 3-4-hour program, including icebreakers, warm-up exercises, team-development content (see above), treasure hunt activity, and debrief discussion that ties the treasure hunt experience back to workplace actions steps
  • Full team-building facilitation, customized to your team’s current issues and challenges
  • Certificates of completion, suitable for framing

Pricing:  Our fees are based on your estimated headcount.   Call or email us for full pricing.

smart phone



Regularly priced at $995, our fantastic smart-phone, treasure hunt app is included in the price of the Clue Trek Premium program (call us for pricing).   Downloaded directly to your smart phone, this clever, intuitive app helps treasure hunt teams perform a variety of creative photo, video, and “augmented reality” challenges.  During the game, participants can track the activity of ALL the teams via a live feed and a live leader board .  Best of all, at the end — with one quick touch of a button — you get all the hunt photos/videos on a flash drive, ready to drop into a slide show during your after-hunt meeting/meal/cocktails.

Extra Bonuses:

At Dr. Clue, we want to make sure your team-development efforts continue well beyond your 1/2 day of treasure hunting with us.   That’s why we’re including 3 more free bonus activities in this package that you can use anywhere, anytime:  at your office, during a networking event, etc.:

  • Puzzling Networking Game:     Regularly priced at $117, the Puzzling Networking Game is kind of like speed dating (without the awkwardness). Working in groups of four, participants solve a series of tricky puzzles, codes and ciphers — but here’s the twist: each clue has been cut into 4 pieces. Each individual person starts the game with one quarter of a puzzle. Their task is to first locate the other people in the room who have the other pieces of their puzzle, and then to solve that puzzle together with their “temporary teammates”. Once the task is completed, participants receive new puzzle pieces, find the appropriate new teammates, and form another temporary team, and so on, and so on.
  • “Find-Someone-Who” Bingo: Regularly priced at $53, this quick and easy DIY game (no facilitator required) gives participant one of 5 bingo cards.  In each square is a description of someone in the room you need to seek out: for example, you may be asked, “Find someone who…speaks 3 languages”, or “Find someone who…is vegetarian”.  As you locate someone who meets the requirement, you take their signature in the box and move on to the next quest.  The first person to get a Bingo, wins.  Or, you can play on until one’s entire card is filled.
  • Table Rebus:  So there you are in your ballroom, having just sat down for a big, group meal.  As coffee and dessert rolls around, you start thinking:  “Hmm, what do we do now to spice up the party and get people interacting?” Regularly priced at $65, our DIY Table Rebus answers that question in spades!  Each table receives a a number of pieces of a “rebus” (picture puzzle). By moving around the room, swapping pieces with other tables, your table/team will eventually put together a completed, secret message.  That secret message will direct each table to prepare a specific creative challenge having to do with teams and trust, which they must then perform on stage, in front of the entire assembly.

Bonus Summary:

  • Smart Phone App:
  • Puzzling Networking Game:
  • “Find-Someone-Who” Bingo:
  • Table Rebus:

All included in the price of your 1/2 day Clue Trek Premium program!


For full pricing information (including standard and group discounts): call  707-620-0598 or email drclue@drclue.com

Travel costs and/or museum admission may apply, depending on location.







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