Sample Clues

What distinguishes a treasure hunt from a scavenger hunt is the emphasis on clues and puzzles (as opposed to the collecting of objects). And what separates a truly great treasure hunt from a merely adequate one is the quality, variety and sophistication of its clues. To learn more about our approach to clue writing,” read the article Getting a Clue with Teambuilding Treasure Hunts.

An EASY CLUE might involve some simple word play. For example, if a clue site was located in San Francisco at the corner of Washington and Columbus, we might write something like: “Head to the place where the first prez meets an Italian dove.” –Clearly, the “first prez” is Washington; the Italian for “dove” is “colomba”, which should clue you in to Columbus.

A slightly MORE ADVANCED version of the same clue might read: “Proceed to the spot where a mixed up ‘HATING SNOW’ meets a scrambled ‘SUMO CLUB.'” –In this case, “mixed up” and “scrambled” indicate the use of anagrams (or word scrambles), again giving you “Washington” and “Columbus”, respectively.

Below are links to two MEDIUM TO HARD clues you might find in your next treasure hunt. The first one is a tricky code clue; it looks hard but goes pretty quickly once you get the hang of it. The second clue is a real toughie — a word/picture puzzle clue; you’ll need your whole team, working together, to decipher this one! Good luck… and have fun!