Sample Clue #1 Answer

For this clue, you received a computer keyboard with the letters replaced by numbers. Your task was first to convert the numbers back into the appropriate letters, and then to read the mystery message.

When solved, the first part of the puzzle read, “Where Mister Flintstone meets Mister Shakespeare…”

Mister Flintstone is Fred; Mister Shakespeare is Will. Your street list would’ve indicated you should proceed to Frederick Street, where it meets Willard Street.



The next part of the puzzle read, “…head towards the classical ruins, perhaps.”

Just across the street from signs for Frederick and Willard is Kezar Stadium, with its many pink, faux-classical pillars. It somewhat resembles a site of ruined antiquity.



“From there, turn right and seek the graffiti message on a wall straight ahead.”

If you walk from the two street signs over to the pink columns outside Kezar Stadium, and then turn right, you see a large graffiti message on a wall in the distance.



The final question of your clue asks:

“Assuming the ‘message’ you find at the location above is referring back to the keyboard in this puzzle, what specific letter of the alphabet is indicated?”

The graffiti message on the wall of the clue location said “The Seventh Letter”. If you were to refer back to the keyboard, the letter with a 7 on it is the letter “U”.

“U” is the answer to your clue.