Sample Clue #2 Answer

Where + CA + ‘s

+ MB + L + P goes + ,

Michael Jordan minus Dan Rather equals “jor”; cage minus CA plus apostrophe-S equals “ge’s” – together, these two pieces sound like the word “George’s”.

Comb minus MB plus L equals “col”; pin minus P equals “in” – together, you get “Colin”.

A nut plus a golf tee makes “nutty”. All together, this part of the puzzle says:

“Where George’s Colin goes nutty,”

Your journey begins at the corner of Powell (George W. Bush’s former staff member, Colin Powell) and Filbert (a nut).



find the old E + +

+ O that’s missing a M + CH + Y.

An emu minus E (“mu”) plus an icicle minus an eye (“cicle”) combine to sound like the word “musical”.

Tree plus O makes the word “trio”.

The letter M added to a chair minus CH and Y gives you M-air-Y – “Mary”.

All together, this part of the puzzle says:

“Find the old musical trio that’s missing a Mary.”

Nearby is Saints Peter & Paul Church (referring to the musical trio Peter, Paul and Mary).

There were also some additional instructions that you didn’t need to puzzle out:

“With your back to them, cross the street, turn left and seek a seat.”

Following these directions, you cross the street into Washington Square and turn left, then start looking at benches.



“You’ll soon be swept away by this hard-working Richard”

Soon you’ll find the bench you’re looking for, with a plaque memorializing a famous North Beach street sweeper, Richard Grespan.