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Silicon Valley Corporate Team Building Program

There’s no better place for a corporate team building event than Silicon Valley.  With its warm weather, interesting locations (from the tony Stanford campus to the highly-diverse San Jose Downtown neighborhood), and overall techie vibe, Silicon Valley has it all.   And who better to play and learn about the area with than Dr. Clue? 

Our team building activities are more than mere fun and recreation

When it comes to team building programs in Silicon Valley, Dr. Clue really gets down to business.   Our engaging activities empower and educate your team to stretch beyond its limitations, working together more productively and energetically to achieve more–and to have more fun doing it.   During your Dr. Clue corporate teambuilding exercise in Silicon Valley, you’ll span the South Bay, engaging in a fun, brainy team building activity where extrinsic prizes are less important than intrinsic achievement. Read more about why Dr. Clue’s Silicon Valley corporate team building events are just what the Doctor ordered for reinvigorating your teamwork.

Total Hunt Time

About 3 to 4 hours, depending on options selected

Try a sample clue


Our Silicon Valley Corporate Team Building Scavenger Hunt Locations

Check out all 5 of our Silicon Valley team building locations. Then call us at 707-544-1014, or write for more details or a custom quote. 






Dr. Clue’s treasure hunts are truly the “thinking person’s” teambuilding program - rewarding brains over brawn. We have fun, but we also get down to business!

How is Dr. Clue different?

Team Building Treasure Hunts with Smartphone Technology

Ready to go HI-TECH? Check out our new Team Excellence hunts with Smartphone technology! Available in all locations for groups of up to 90 people.

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