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Clue Trek: “ALL FOR ONE” Cooperative Adventure


Traditional team treasure hunt, inevitably, are competitive in nature.  After all, each group is working alone, solving clues and trying to get the highest score, right?  Not to mention that there tends to be a treasure involved. 

But imagine what a hunt (and life in general) might look like if there was no competition, no winners and losers, no friends/enemies…  If everyone was working together in a spirit of collaboration and cooperation.  If this sounds a lot like the ideal workplace, it should! 

In your Clue Trek “All for One” Hunt, we’ve taken traditional competition off the table.  In this innovative Dr. Clue treasure hunt model,  all teams work together, collaboratively, to solve all the clues and reach all the hidden locations.   Your “treasure”:   to get a perfect score…to break the world’s treasure hunt record…to achieve what no one thought could be done, as one big team.   To accomplish this daunting task (more clues, harder challenges, and the entire group MUST divide into subgroups), you’ll need to manage collective resources effectively, delegate appropriately and help the other “departments” get the job done.   Because if one team fails, you ALL fail.  

Like all Dr. Clue programs, your Clue Trek “All For One” treasure hunt program is fully facilitated; that means our professional training staff is there with you all along the way, presenting icebreakers and assessment exercises, leading debriefs, facilitating discussion and, in general, relating lessons from the treasure hunt back to the “real world”.

Choose from one of our 135 pre-scouted off-site hunt locations, indoors or outdoors, or have a designer program made for you, from scratch, at your preferred location (an extra design cost will likely apply).


  • 8-12  clues, maps, pens, decoder sheets, etc.
  •  1 or 2-stage hunt
  • ~2-4 hours in length (depending on your schedule)
  • Fully Facilitated, including an informal team-skills assessment + the creation of a “team contract”


  • Ample opportunities for cross-team collaboration
  • Increased awareness of your teammates on a personal level
  • Bonding and raised morale
  • Integration of new members into the team
  • A fun and irreverent walking tour around the hunt’s geographic area
  • Practice at delegation and the leveraging of diverse skills and knowledge
  • Creation of a team process, including rules, roles and ground rules



For full pricing information (including standard and group discounts): call  707-544-1014 or email

Travel costs (and museum admission) may apply, depending on location.

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