Six Great Reasons to Choose Dr. Clue for your Next Corporate Teambuilding Event

With so many other options out there for your next teambuilding event, why choose Dr. Clue?   Here are six great ways Dr. Clue laps the competition.


1) Dr. Clue’s puzzle-based, corporate teambuilding exercises are Surprisingly Affordable:
With a Dr. Clue corporate teambuilding program, what you see is what you get. Other companies often add in hidden expenses, such as special licenses & insurances, I.D. cards, yearly membership, water bottles, helmets or shoe rental, etc. With a Dr. Clue treasure hunt, there’s no nasty sticker shock when you receive your bill — just great team building with all the expenses outlined up front! Call us to discuss pricing!


2) Our treasure hunt and philanthropic teambuilding events Never Dumb It Down:
As a leader in your industry, you hire only the top people.   Your teammates are savvy, they’re smart — and they don’t need their team building activities “dumbed down”.   Anything but! Dr. Clue’s corporate teambuilding events offer intelligent, sophisticated puzzles and clues to solve — where your big-brained, problem-solving professionals can really strut their stuff. There are no simple rhymes and wordplay at Dr. Clue…we’re talking word & logic puzzles, codes, ciphers, trivia, tactile clues…the whole kitchen sink.) Our game creators are Yale and Stanford grads, so when it comes to the clues, you know we’re going to bring it!


3) Dr. Clue’s treasure hunts are Highly-Structured:
So many “recreational team building” activities are non-structured — you watch a ballgame, bowl a few strikes and go home with a fun time…and little more. Treasure hunts, by contrast, unfold in stages: a team formation and planning stage, a clue solving stage, a location visiting stage, a debriefing stage. Facilitators are there with you throughout the process, helping you relate the hunt back to real-world work issues.


4) Our corporate events are Competitive But Within Limits:
With other team building companies, cut-throat competition is often the norm. Whether it’s paint ball, laser tag, go-kart racing — the goal tends to be Win At All Costs. In a Dr. Clue corporate event, by contrast, the goal is always to break down barriers and bring people closer (rather than further dividing them). Although our treasure hunters are urged to strive for a perfect score, the emphasis is on intrinsic, rather than extrinsic, motivation. Cross-team collaboration and silo busting is, in fact, a built-in component of the game, with the total, collective score of the organization factored into the day’s success


5) Dr. Clue’s teambuilding treasure hunts are Low Impact:
Unlike some of the more rigorously “athletic” activities available out there, Dr. Clue’s treasure hunts are suitable for ALL physical abilities. As long as you can walk (and think), you can participate — without fear of embarrassment that you’ll be singled out, criticized or “picked last”.


6) Our corporate events are Site Specific:
How many times have you come to town for a meeting, then found yourself shuttling between hotel and conference room without ever seeing & experiencing the local area?! Your Dr. Clue treasure hunt will get you out on the streets, exploring the hidden nooks and crannies of your host city’s best-known neighborhoods and museums. At Dr. Clue, we’ve scouted over 125 treasure hunt locations, world-wide. Pretty much wherever you’re meeting, we’re likely to have one or two pre-scouted locations for you to choose from. OR, if we don’t, we’ll happily create a new program especially for you!