Dr. Clue Treasure Hunts is all about the Deliverables!

Believe us, Dr. Clue programs deliver the fun!   You get all the playful, enjoyable intangibles you might expect from a team-building activity, including:

  • bonding
  • morale
  • collaboration
  • cooperation
  • familiarity
  • rapport
  • teamwork
  • communication


And that’s where most treasure hunt companies stop!


Not so with Dr. Clue, where the VALUE ADD JUST KEEPS COMING!


Dr. Clue is ALSO an experiential leadership training program, which is quite hard to find in the leadership world.


  • Our curriculum gives one person per team a chance to lead, organize and motivate their team.
  • At the same time, everyone leads in a different subject matter area: movies, sports, cooking, geography, etc.
  • As a team, people co-create a fertile work environment, where they practice giving unsolicitated praise while avoiding unsolicitated criticism.
  • Participants are accountable for tasks assigned to them
  • They give evaluations and feedback, improving performance


  • Hunt participants learn about the 4 mindsets:
    • Get to:   internal motivation
    • Want to:   not easy but you want to do it
    • Should do: I think I should want this
    • Have to:   an external requirement


  • They practice the 5 trust behaviors
    • Authenticity
    • Transparency
    • Consistency & Reliability
    • Caring
    • Sincerity


–They practice delegation and time management

–They learn about the difference between TEAMWORK AND TEAMING


YOUR Dr. Clue experience helps people form a “co-elevation team”, where everyone goes higher.