At the heart of all relationships (work included) is a dichotomy, namely:

  • We want security and we want adventure

  • We want predictability and we want novelty

  • We want safety and we want mystery

  • We want dependability and we want risk

  • We want reliability and we want danger

  • We want permanence and we want the unknown

  • We want anchoring and we want travel

  • We want grounding and we want the unexpected

  • We want home and we want surprise


We all secretly desire, namely:

  • Adventure

  • Novelty

  • Mystery

  • Risk

  • Danger

  • The Unknown

  • Journey

  • Travel

  • Surprise

  • And the Unexpected


Our mission is to break down the cubicle walls… to re-connect teams and teammates with their wild, swash-buckling, adventurous selves.

Every fire requires oxygen!

When teams re-awaken their bold, adventurous natures together, a deep and true bonding occurs.  You have to see it to believe it.