How does a Dr. Clue Treasure Hunt work?

Unlike the  ordinary “scavenger hunt” model (employed by many other hunt companies), Dr. Clue’s brainy treasure hunts are designed for people who need to think for a living.  Based on clues rather than the collecting of objects, our treasure hunts require teams of 4-6 to put their heads together to solve a tricky  collection of puzzles, codes and ciphers, each leading to a fascinating variety of “mystery location” —  statues, plaques, murals, or historical photos, etc.  Teams will need not only to work together as individuals but also collaborate and cooperate with other teams. The good of the entire group is always primary!

Where do these treasure hunts take place?

Dr. Clue offers programs nationally and worldwide, from the streets of San Francisco to the cafes of Paris. Pick from our list of over 110 pre-scouted locations, or tell us where you want your hunt and we’ll come out and transform your area into a living “board game.”  Historic neighborhoods — with a rich variety of statues, plaques and monuments — often work best, although entertainment districts are also great, as well as museums and theme parks. The benefit of any off-site location is getting your staff away from the distractions and hierarchical distinctions of the workplace. And for meeting attendees, a Dr. Clue treasure hunt may be their best and only chance to experience the host city!

What do we need to bring to a Dr. Clue Treasure hunt?

Virtually nothing. Dr. Clue provides all the materials you need: pens, maps, street lists, reference materials, decoder sheets, flashlights, etc.  Come prepared to walk, in comfortable shoes and weather-appropriate attire; we’ll take care of the rest.

How long does a typical hunt last?

Depending on the hunt level that works best for you, a program can last anywhere from 2-4 hours, including pre-hunt warm-ups and the final debrief wrap-up. Take your pick from a morning or afternoon time frame, or make it a full day with lunch in the middle. Even nighttime programs are possible! Whether weekday or weekend, Dr. Clue is up to the task.

Can everyone in my organization take part, including non-residents and those with physical limitations?

Most certainly. Dr. Clue treasure hunts are designed to reward thinking & problem-solving, rather than athleticism or local area knowledge. Our clues are based more on puzzles than obscure local factoids–so residents would have little advantage.  The main requirement is your ability to walk (and think!) for 2-4 hours on mostly flat, urban terrain. Unlike ropes courses, river rafting, obstacle courses  and the like, this is NOT boot camp; our hunts ask for no special physical abilities–no running, climbing, swinging or leaping! Accommodations can easily be made for the disabled.