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There’s no question it’s been a tough year out there.  All of us have been hit hard by this economic downturn.  And yet somehow you just keep on goingTeambuilding facesworking harder, spending longer hours at the office, putting in that extra bit of effort to help your organization keep up with the Joneses (and the Gates and the Jobs…)   🙂

This newsletter is all about re-energizing your most valuable asset:  Your People!

Skillful Teambuilding:

  • Fosters Cross-team Collaboration and Communication
  • Promotes Trust and Camaraderie
  • Helps People Celebrate Successes (when things are good) and Blow off Steam (when times are tough)

This newsletter is all about putting you in touch with the best teambuilding skills, activities and exercises out there: both facilitated and do-it-yourself.    Let us know how else we can help!

Best wishes!


Dave Blum

Editor, Dr. Clue Newsletter


Dr. Clue News: 

This Week’s Featured Program:


Segway Treasure Hunts


segway treasure huntHave you ever been on a walking tour and thought, “It’s so nice being out here in the sunshine and fresh air, but I sure wish we could cover more ground without running, jogging or hopping into an enclosed vehicle”?  Well, here comes the solution, rolling into a town or park near you: Segway Treasure Hunts!  Many of our Dr. Clue treasure hunt locations are now available by Segway — the fun, easy, non-exhausting way to zip around a hunt area, solving clues & making discoveries without wiping yourselves completely out in the process.  Our professional and experienced Segway partners will set you all up with lessons, guides and instructions. And away you go: double the treasure hunt fun without breaking a sweat!

For more information, call 510-528-0428, or email


Here Come the Holidays 

What are you doing for your holiday party that gives back to the community?
May we suggest a fun, puzzle-based community service/teambuilding activity like…

Backpacks for Vets


Thousands of men and women who served our country return from service in need of supportive services to transition from combat to community.   Especially during the colder months, homeless vets often find themselves missing essential goods and materials that will help them survive another winter on the streets, including gloves, socks, blankets, etc.   In this innovative program (Great For the Holidays!), you’ll work together as a team to solve puzzles and assemble backpacks for veterans-in-need, building your own team while providing a homeless vet with much-needed goods, clothing, materials, etc.

Puzzling Bike-Build


In these tough times, who else gets “left behind” more than the children?  During Dr. Clue’s new puzzle-based, philanthropic team-building workshop, your teams will work together to solve a variety of The Docter’s favorite puzzles (codes/ciphers/trivia quizzes).   When solved, each puzzle earns your team a piece of a kid’s bicycle.  Once all the parts have been collected, you then assemble the bike, decorate it, and create a heart-felt giftcard.  As a finale, all bicycles are then presented, in person, to local kids-in-need (from the Boys/Girls Club, Big Brothers/Big Sisters, etc.).

Support our Students


In Morse Code, the international distress signal is S.O.S.   But did you know that right here in our own country, thousands of children are attending school without proper classroom supplies?  Talk about distressing!   The good news is that you can be a part of the solution to this educational emergency – and have a ton of fun in the process!   Dr. Clue’s  new “Support our Students” (S.O.S.) program uses a national teachers donation database to  customize your activity to meet specific educator requests.  In other words, you assemble and give classroom items to a local teacher who would otherwise be unable to pay for them out of their own pocket!

For more details on all three activities, call 510-528-0428, or email


Cold Calling

Many thanks for all your advice on prospect calling (otherwise known as “cold” calling).

And congratulations to the winner of our drawing:
Mel Kleiman!


In today’s issue of the Dr. Clue newseltter, we’ve got 2 more tricky puzzles to solve, an icebreaker that will take you on a flight of fancy and an article that is highly advice-able.  Enjoy!

Dave Blum
Editor, Dr. Clue Icebreaker Newsletter

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Frame Games

Last issue, we gave you these two tricky puzzles to solve:


Thanks to everyone who sent in a solution.  The correct answers were:

1. Condescending remarks

2. I stand correctedCongratulations to our F2S:  Reid Neubert.
And also:

  • Kathi Tysor
  • Linda Breen Strickland
  • Renee Howard
  • Donica Schlabach
  • Pauline Gehnreich


This Week’s Puzzles:

Let’s see who will be this week’s “F2S” (first to solve).

first rebus101612

second rebus 101612

Email us your answers at:

Good luck!

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This Week’s Icebreaker:

Ideal Retreat

Materials & Set up:   paper, writing utensils, flip charts (1 per team)

Game Play:  Divide people into teams of 3 or 4.  Each team is charged with deciding the location and details of their next annual retreat (hypothetically speaking).  This is a pie-in-the-sky brainstorm — money, time, and general physics are no object: the bigger, more exciting and more outlandish, the better!  Brainstorm for 10 minutes as a team, then take five minutes to illustrate your answer, graphically, on a flip chart.

Each team will then take turns presenting their ideal vacation, verbally and with flip charts.

Debrief: What was easy/difficult about this exercise?  How did you arrive at your final answer?  What roles did people play?  What helped or hindered your brainstorm?

The Point:  Brainstorming is an art we all do in the workplace, but rarely do we take the time to practice it.  In particular, we often jump right to the judging stage, scrutinizing ideas rather than simply collecting all possibilities and letting our minds run wild.  This exercise lets us shoot for the moon (quite literally), enjoying the rare opportunity to brainstorm *without limits*.   “Yes and…” works much better than “Yes but…”

Dr. Clue offers 120+ treasure hunt locations. Check them all out at our
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Featured Article
Six Lessons…

ByAri Emanuel

The following is a great little advice article by Ari Emanuel, co-CEO of William Morris Endeavor (WME), a leading entertainment and media agency.  Ari’s blog can be found here. Enjoy.  See my comments below.  Db.


The Six Lessons I Live By


1. Surround yourself with people who are smarter than you and move out of their way.

If you feel like you know everything, you’re wrong. I know what I don’t know and then I find partners who can teach me. A perfect example is my partnership with Patrick Whitesell, my co-CEO at WME. While we take on different roles at the company and focus on different things, we share the same goals and at the end of the day, we’re working toward the same end. That’s been the key to our success.

2. The only constant in business is change. Get comfortable with it.

When I started in the business, there were four broadcast networks and 19 cable networks. Now there are five broadcast networks, 117 cable networks, Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, HBOGo, iTunes, Amazon Prime, VOD – the list goes on and on. Next year there will be more distribution platforms, and in ten years the landscape will have shifted another 180 degrees. The business is changing quickly, and the only way to succeed is to change with it. I always tell my colleagues, there is no such thing as a traditional talent agent anymore. It’s about pushing beyond that 10% commission and finding opportunity where it didn’t exist before.

3. Fail often, fail quickly.

Nobody f***s up like I do, but you’ll never succeed unless you take risks. Big ones. In 2009, we took Endeavor, a company that was doing incredibly well, and merged it with the oldest talent agency in the world. From a cultural and organizational standpoint, it was a big risk. People had their doubts. But we had a vision and a lot of help from very smart people (see #1.) Three years later, our business is stronger, our bench is deeper and smarter, and our deal-making is more innovative. It’s a better company – period. You have to lead by example if you want to promote a culture where risk-taking is rewarded.

4. Your schedule makes you dumber.

Force yourself outside of your daily schedule. Be curious and take time to learn about worlds outside of the one you live in. Watch the news, read the paper, educate yourself. Don’t be afraid to call people you don’t know, start a conversation, and ask for things you need. At the very least, you’ll be more interesting. At the most, you’ll take your business in new and bigger directions.

5. You only get one shot – make it count.

I learned this the painful way. After being hit by a car and lying face-down in the middle of Wilshire Boulevard, I was confronted with a whole lot more than my mortality. Take advantage of each day that’s given to you and do something to move the needle on your business, even if it’s just an inch. You’ve heard it before, but life is not a dress rehearsal. Don’t waste your time (or mine.)

6. Good ideas rule all.

In the end, it’s all about creative ideas and content – it’s the lifeblood of our business. I’m fortunate enough to work with the writers, directors, musicians and actors who are defining culture with their voices. It’s why I come to work in the morning. In 100 years, when the world looks different, and we communicate in new ways, and we have more devices and platforms and distribution methods, I believe great artistry will still matter most.

Editor’s Note:  Point #5 particular resonates for me.   In 2001, I was on a boat trip in Costa Rica when my tiny, 4-person ship — a glorified row-boat with outboard motor — was hit by a much larger craft.   The other ship, a big 15-seater, smashed right into us and, in fact, cruised up, over and, briefly, on top of us!   One second I was sitting on my bench, enjoying the lush scenery, the next — the prow of a speeding boat was plowing into the small of my back, sending me flying.  My first reaction, after slowly gathering myself off the floor of our craft, was “Can I move my legs and arms? Is anything paralyzed?”   Luckily, I was spared a more serious injury, escaping with a mere 5×5-inch bruise and swelling (that took weeks to heal!).  My life did flash before my eyes that day, and I recall vowing I would never take life for granted again.

Your life can go just that quickly.  You only get once chance at your relationships, at your business, at your dreams … you only get once chance at today!  Make it count!


As always, thank you for being a part of the Dr. Clue Community!Dave Blum, Editor, The Dr. Clue Team building Newsletter & the Friday Icebreaker

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