The 12 Best Ways to Motivate Your Team

Okay, you got me!  As managers, we can’t really “motivate” anyone to do anything – at least, not in the long term.   Oh sure, we can briefly dangle a carrot (or wield a stick), but take away the external factors and poof –there goes the motivation. Rather than focusing on penalties and incentives, it’s far […]

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Scavenger Hunts

1) Teambuilding “scavenger hunts” and “treasure hunts” are two different animals. A scavenger hunt involves the execution of a simple list. For example, in a scavenger hunt, you receive a list of objects to find, or pictures to take — all very straightforward. By contrast, a treasure hunt involves the solving of tricky clues that […]

Is Teambuilding a Waste of Money?

Recently I came across this very interesting and challenging article in the Harvard Business Review, titled: Stop Wasting Money on Team Building by Carlos Valdes-Dapena In a nutshell, the author argues that most corporate teambuiilding is a waste of time.  He refers to bowling, ropes courses, and the like, and references one company which took […]

Teamwork vs. Teaming

Did you know there is a difference between “teamwork” and “teaming”?    I didn’t either until I watched a great TED talk by Amy Edmondson, which you can watch here.   It’s called “How to Turn A Group of Strangers into a team”.   Edmondson suggests that teamwork is what sports teams do.  Teamwork is: –stable –a […]

“Incredible” Teamwork

“Incredible” Teambuilding   The summer movie season is upon us, and the first big blockbuster has landed: The Incredibles 2. Although I enjoyed the new film in a lot of ways, I2 has nothing on its predecessor, The Incredibles (2004). The sequel was a perfectly swell action film, albeit a little light on character development. […]

The Four Traits of Warrior Teamwork

The Four Traits of Warrior Teamwork If you had to pick four traits for your work team to embody, what would they be?  Collaboration, perhaps?  Cooperation? Communication?  Surprisingly, when Steve Kerr addressed his group of 14 men before a morning meeting, he omitted many of the traditional team characteristics, instead asking his group to focus on 4 unconventional behaviors: […]

Teamwork and the Golden State Warriors

Love this article about teamwork and the Golden State Warriors. My own thoughts: It’s so easy for people to lose their engagement when a member of a team. It’s up to the leader/coach to get everyone involved, and to build the sense of “ownership”. A leader’s job is *not* to do everything for the team, […]

Outdoor Team-Building Activities Should Focus On Character, Not Competition

It seems like there’s one in every group:  The go-getter who absolutely has to win in every situation, and at all costs.  In many cases, especially in areas of business where winning can make the difference, this can be an admirable trait.  But that’s not always the case, especially when in comes to intra-office activities.  When there are […]

How to Make the Most of Activities for Team Building

Whether you’re talking about activities for team building or any sort of in-office collaborative work, few things can be more damaging to group interactions than a toxic personality.  You know the sort of people: Constantly self-aggrandizing. Always finger-pointing to dodge blame. Endlessly negative towards the contributions of others. Full of snarky/passive aggressive comments. Credit-grabbing. It […]

Choosing the Right Company for Your Corporate Team-Building Events

There are plenty of companies offering corporate team-building events these days, too many to count.  All of them make huge promises, but it can be difficult to tell which ones can really deliver.  And this is a big deal since they don’t just cost money, but you’re potentially putting your lives in their hands! When shopping around […]