Escape Rooms


  • Indoor, lacking in public “serendipity”
  • You go to their site and that’s all you see
  • Limited choice of locations
  • 90-minutes, max
  • Limitations in headcount (often 12 max)


  • Little educational content/no business debrief
  • Little significant change afterwards
  • Off-the-shelf and generic (no customization)

No Tech Allowed

  • No photos or video
  • No post-event slide show memories
  • No cool smart-phone app technology

Treasure Hunts & CSR


  • Public: Constant surprises
  • Fun walking tour of the city
  • Multiple locations near your
  • 3-4 hours long (as needed)
  • Unlimited headcount


  • Emphasis on business issues
  • Combination of fun and solid learning
  • Focus on behavioral change
  • Customized to your issues
  • Professional trainers

Tech Embraced

  • Photos, videos and augmented reality
  • A cool smart-phone option
  • Technology fully embraced




What Sets Dr. Clue Apart from all the Others?

  • We offer amazing, puzzle-based clues a la the Da Vinci Code and National Treasure. (No one else emphasizes this!) Our events are fun, sophisticated and stimulating like an Escape Room, only more active, with a broader scope.


  • We offer professional trainers and facilitators who ensure the program is entertaining, educational and inspiring.


  • We offer the most hunt locations (150+) — we’re everywhere you want to be.


  • We have the most experience (23+ years)– we’ve put in our 10,000 hours in hunt creation and delivery. We are the world’s experts on treasure hunts.


  • We have a great smart phone option that the Millennials love.