Dr. Clue specializes in 2 activities:

  1. team-building treasure hunts
  2. team-building CSR (corporate social responsibility) events.

We invite you to look at our treasure hunts (in particular) in a slightly different way from the norm.

For many people, a treasure hunt (and “team-building” in general) is synonymous with recreation and entertainment. In short, for most folks, team-building is simply watching a baseball game…it’s bowling, drinking, go-karting, etc.:   in other words, non-structured “fun” that achieves nothing more than raising morale.     But team-building, when done right, can deliver so much more value than that!    It can and should be both entertainment AND education:   edu-tainment, as it were.

With 20+ years of care and intention, our scavenger hunt events have evolved into highly structured problem-solving exercises.  During our hunts, people take roles; they create ground rules; they plan and strategize as a team; they prioritize and delegate; they practice key trust behaviors like Sincerity, Reliability, Competence and Care.

At the same time, participants share an indelible mind/body experience that people talk about for months to come (much like attending Cirque Soleil, where you’re the performers!).   In other words, your Dr. Clue hunt activity has LONG-LASTING IMPACT, on both an intellectual and emotional level.    Camaraderie and familiarity skyrocket.   Trust strengthens enormously.  Silos weaken and cross-team collaboration soars.   In many ways, our program are “training” with a capital T  — but they’re hands-on, experiential,  and wildly fun.


Below please find snapshots of our Dr. Clue events.


Treasure Hunt Snapshot:


With less than an hour to go before the deadline, your 5-person treasure hunt team stops for a breather beside a historical plaque in Downtown Raleigh.  You pause to take it all in: the local atmosphere; the pleasure of getting away from the office with your co-workers; the rush of cracking these brilliantly creative puzzles & clues (who thinks up these things??).

How amazing it is to interact with a city this way — discovering the hidden nooks and crannies of the neighborhood that even the locals don’t know about. And it’s so fun (and relevant) to learn about the skills and personalities of your colleagues.  Who knew that…

–Jack is such a whiz at detail work and decryption!
–Stephanie has an eye for the “big picture” and can do crossword puzzles in her sleep!
–Ronnie is a fantastic leader and your “go-to person” for sports and movie trivia knowledge!

You like and respect these people!  They’re awesome!  And even though you work in different locations, now that you know them, you feel like you can call them at work and ask for help when you need it.


CSR Snapshot:  Bike Build

With 15 minutes left on the clock, your kid’s bike is coming together nicely.   And well it should — your team is brilliant & diverse!   With their engineering degrees, Rick and Elizabeth are whizzes at bike assembly.   Steve and Mary are doing a great job of decorating the bikes with streamers and ribbon.   Manuel, the artist of the group, is creating a gorgeous greeting card.   A kid (from Big Brothers/Big Sisters or Boys Club/Girls Club) is going to love this bike!   About all that’s left is to run your vehicle by the professional mechanic, Victor, who is checking each bike to make sure it’s road worthy.

It’s been a fun, stimulating day, with puzzles to crack and team challenges to perform–all around your hotel ballroom.   After each round of challenges, you received a variety of needed items (for bike assembly):   tools, decorations, helmets, and the bike parts themselves.   Like a treasure hunt, you needed everyone’s skills and knowledge to solve those tricky clues:  everything from word puzzles to rebuses; from Morse Code to Braille.

And now it’s time for the big moment.  Kids are streaming in from a local charity to receive their bikes.  How heartwarming!    You’re so glad you came to this event — getting to know your teammates while making a difference in a young person’s life!


**All our corporate team-building events  include a Post-Hunt Debrief.

The post-hunt “debrief” is where the rubber really meets the road. Each team is asked to evaluate its successes and failures, and then make a presentation before the entire assembly. Participants are encouraged to draw parallels between the dynamics in a treasure hunt and the dynamics in a team-based work environment.

Sample discussion questions might include:

  • What happened during the activity?
  • What team dynamics emerged? What were obstacles to your team’s success?
  • Who were the leaders? Did the roles change?
  • In thinking about your workplace, what was familiar about what you experienced during the hunt?
  • What innovation might have put you over the top?
  • How might you have collaborated across teams?
  • How might you use what you learned today?