With so many other options out there for your next teambuilding event, why choose Dr. Clue?   Here are five great ways Dr. Clue laps the competition.

1) Our Programs (both indoors and outdoors) Never Dumb It Down:
Let’s face it; deep down, the most successful people on the planet are all nerds and geeks.  Your top performers are smart as a whip; they’re perhaps a bit obsessive about their hobbies (Can you say Star Wars?); they’re outspoken.  If the nerdosphere aren’t challenging themselves everyday, it’s bored to death.   What you DON’T need is watered-down teambuilding!   At Dr. Clue, we absolutely ‘s bring it!   We’re talking Da Vinci Code level word & logic puzzles, codes, ciphers, trivia and tactile clues…in short, the whole kitchen sink.  Our game creators are Yale, Pomona and Stanford grads; when it comes to our clues, you know we’re not holding anything back.


2) Dr. Clue’s Events are Highly-Structured:
By nature, “recreational/entertainment” activities are non-structured — you watch a ballgame, roll a few strikes at the bowling alleyand head home with a few fun memories… and that’s about it!  By contrast, your  SOLUTION-ORIENTED Dr. Clue team event is customized and structured to your specific, relationship-building outcomes.  A Dr. Clue treasure hunt, for example, unfolds in at least 4 clearly-delineated stages: a team formation and planning stage, a clue solving stage, a location visiting stage, and a debriefing stage. Our Professional Trainers are there with you throughout the process, relating the experience back to your own workplace obstacles and challenges.


3) Our Corporate Events are Competitive (But Within Limits):
With other team building companies, cut-throat competition is too-often the norm. Whether it’s paint ball, laser tag, or go-kart racing — the goal tends to be “Win At All Costs”.  Not so at Dr. Clue!  In our events, the over-arching goal is breaking down barriers and bringing people closer together (rather than further dividing them). Although we’ll urge you to strive for a perfect score, the emphasis is on intrinsic, rather than extrinsic, motivation. We build cross-team collaboration and silo busting into the game; your department’s total, collective score is as important as any individual team’s point total.


4) Dr. Clue’s team-building treasure hunts are Low Impact:
Unlike some of the more rigorously “athletic” activities available out there, Dr. Clue’s treasure hunts are suitable for ALL physical abilities. As long as you can walk (and think), you can participate fully — without fear of embarrassment that you’ll be singled out, criticized or “picked last”.  (Who wants that!)


5) Our corporate events are Site Specific:
How many times have you come to town for a meeting, excited to see the city, only to find yourself shuttling between hotel and conference room — without ever getting out and experiencing the local area?!  Your Dr. Clue treasure hunt solves that problem, taking you out and about on the streets of your host city, exploring the hidden nooks and crannies of its best-known neighborhoods and museums. At Dr. Clue, we’ve scouted over 145 treasure hunt locations world-wide. Pretty much wherever you’re meeting, we’re likely to have one (if not two or three) pre-scouted locations for you to choose from. OR, if we don’t, we’ll happily create a new program especially for you!