Bored with the Same Old Stodgy Team-Building and Ready to Rock Your Team’s World?

Fact 1: We Learn By Doing!

socratesMost team-building program are pretty boring, like a PowerPoint presentation.  Oh, they’re fine for transmitting information, but what do they really teach you?    We humans don’t learn by sitting passively in an audience. We learn by jumping into the playground, rolling up our sleeves and getting our hands dirty.


Fact 2: Play Breaks Down Barriers Between People

guiltar heroIn a recent study, researchers measured the stress level of two strangers meeting for the first time.   Not surprisingly, their stress was through the roof.   The fact is, we’re simply not wired to relax around total strangers!  However, after just 15 minutes of playing Guitar Hero together, the two strangers had their stress levels measured again.   Bam!  Miraculously, their stress had plummeted down to the SAME level of two best friends hanging out together.  Such is the amazing power of PLAY to change our biology and create a more relaxed environment!


Why Treasure Hunts?: 

IMG_0358You’ve all attended baseball games together.  You’ve gone fishing, picnicked, and hoisted a few pints as a team.  It was all fine, if un-structured and kind of boring.   Worst of all, people still didn’t know each other very well afterwards!   Now that’s stressful (not mention UNPRODUCTIVE)!



If we told you that you could pump up the volume in your team, lowering stress, increasing motivation, and building relationships all at the same time, wouldn’t you be interested?


Such is the power of a skillfully-delivered TREASURE HUNT!

  • Treasure hunts are DIFFERENT
  • Treasure hunts are FUN
  • Treasure hunts are GAMIFIED for maximum excitement.

Treasure hunts are the ultimate WME (weapon of mass enjoyment).  They get you out of the office (away from the usual work stresses and hierarchies), competing to solve problems while sleuthing around your favorite neighborhood, park or museum!  There is nothing like a clue-based treasure hunt for building relationships, integrating new team members into the organization, and boosting morale and productivity…all while having more fun than a barrel of monkeys.

How Dr. Clue is different from the competition…

1) We get down to business

Most of our competitors offer a mere “morale booster” – a bit unstructured, a bit “fluffy”.    At Dr. Clue, we aim to entertain AND to educate!  Our ingenious and challenging, puzzle-based activities have participants working together on time-driven projects in much the same way they do in the office: analyzing and manipulating data, searching for patterns, planning and strategizing, problem-solving, delegating and most of all, communicating. Unlike the more “physical” corporate teambuilding events out there (ropes, obstacle courses, etc), Dr. Clue’s activities allow participants to practice new “white-collar” skills that apply directly back to the workplace.

2)  Our structured team building = positive outcomes

Watching a ball game and grabbing a drink at the bar can be valuable “recreations” that facilitate team bonding, but they’re certainly not “team building”.  For true change to happen in the workplace — for new habits to be formed – people need to practice new skills and communication techniques in a structured way.  At Dr. Clue, all our programs offer an engaging, structured, experiential core activity (a treasure hunt, a puzzle-based bike build, etc.) that serves as the “springboard for learning”.   We then surround that core activity with focused exercises, activities, and debriefs that move the group forward towards greater insight and practical action steps relatable back to work.

3) We bring your host city alive

Who hasn’t flown off to a meeting in an exciting city, only to discover that the only part of town you see is the conference center and the nearest restaurant?   What a drag!  Dr. Clue’s corporate teambuilding events offer a unique way to get your group away from the hotel and out into the community, interacting with the host city, discovering hidden “treasures” while simultaneously re-engaging your group and building team unity.

4) Our scavenger hunt events break down “silos”

It is, perhaps, an inevitable quirk of human nature that we often find ourselves falling into cliques and silos, viewing our “in” group as “friends” and the “out” groups as “adversaries”.   Dr. Clue is committed to interrupting this pattern, giving hunt participants a visceral taste of the pitfalls of “siloing” and the advantages of cooperation.  Many of our clues, in fact, require cross-team collaboration, transmitting a clear message that every department and division is part of a larger team (the organization).   In short, unless we ALL win, NO ONE wins.

5) We help your teams build familiarity and rapport

Participants in a Dr. Clue corporate team-building program develop:

  •     A deeper appreciation of their colleagues’ strengths, skills and knowledge
  •     An increased willingness to have each other’s backs and help each other out
  •     A group consensus that “we really are good at what we do”
  •     A sense that the event was “time well spent.”
  •     Heightened respect and trust for each other, developed through “going through the    trenches together”

6)  We’re everywhere you need us to be

Although our HQ is San Francisco, we’re an international company with over 140+ pre-designed treasure hunt locations to choose from, all over the world.  You can pretty much bet that we’ll have a neighborhood or museum hunt venue somewhere near you.   And if by chance we don’t, just give us a call and we’ll come out and create a custom program right there in your area.

7)  Our puzzle-based clues rock

If you believe scavenger hunts are little more than simple rhymes and limericks, you’ve got another think coming to you.  Dr. Clue’s puzzle writers boast gaudy credentials, including  Yale, Pomona and Stanford grads.  Not that you have to be a rocket scientist to solve our clues…but you will definitely be challenged and amazed by our awesome (some might say sinister) array of puzzles, codes and ciphers.   Expect Morse Code, Braille, Semaphore, Pig Latin, Word Searches, Logic and Trivia quizzes…the whole kitchen sink.

8) We save you money (lots of it)

A recent poll showed that 55% of workers today feel disengaged in the workplace.   By disengaged, we mean unappreciated, isolated, and disconnected from the larger purpose of the organization.  And this is especially true for virtual teams.  Considering the cost of diminished productivity – not the mention the mounting expense of hiring and new recruitment — how can you afford NOT to invest in team development?

9) We offer a ridiculous, money-back guarantee.

That’s right.  If this is not the best team-building program you’ve ever done, we’ll give you your money back — no questions asked.

Ready to build your team (and have more fun than a barrel of monkeys)?

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