You’re a business owner, a VP, a team leader an office manager —  someone in charge of people — and your team is in constant flux:  new people coming in, old people going out, rinse and repeat.   You know that people would be more productive and engaged if they could just see things from others’ perspective and practice some empathy, but how do you accomplish that when half the people don’t even know each other?  Building friendships isn’t just the right thing — it’s smart business practice;  without that old “know/like/trust”, your staff disunity is costing you money  in terms of:  low morale, reduced productivity, and overall office harmony. By one study, the annual cost of even one disengaged employee to a company like yours is $2,246. And that’s just one person!



Wouldn’t it be great if you could rev up your team’s level of performance, and you could do it quickly, efficiently and playfully, so it doesn’t feel like work?   What would it feel like for you if people came into the office everyday completely jazzed, energized, and fully-engaged: chomping at the bit to share information, lend a hand, and collaborate with others (both within teams and across departments)?


Pocket Case Study:  Michelle is a recruiter at a big Silicon Valley law firm.  Every summer her firm brings in associates from law schools all over the country.   Not only do the interns need to learn to work together, they also need to get to know the full-time staff and attorneys.   Without that sense of knowing and liking each other, the program would be a complete failure.  Michelle required a teambuilding offsite that would be fun, bonding, and smart enough to really challenge both her top-notch summer associates AND the firm’s best lawyers.   Dr. Clue sent the group on a stimulating, puzzle-based treasure hunt all around downtown Palo Alto – solving tricky clues, exploring the nooks and crannies of the area, working closely together with each other and getting a sense of each others’ personalities outside of the office, inter-personally and socially.  Everyone had to step out of their comfort zone, working with people who they didn’t know very well, often with different working styles.  It was a huge success!   Participants bonded in a way that would never have happened without the offsite.  Mission accomplished!


How do you accelerate the process of taking teams from mere colleagues to friends, and from friends to family?  The answer is Dr. Clue:  the high-energy, problem-solving, relationship-building adventure for smart professionals who need their activities stimulating to be engaged.


During our fun, puzzle-based, teambuilding adventures, workplace relationships absolutely transform. Camaraderie and rapport arise spontaneously.   Trust emerges organically, as people see, in action, their teammates’ sincerity, competence, caring and reliability.  And it all happens fast!  With over 20 years of experience, Dr. Clue offers proven, structured, treasure hunt and charity “give-back” events that walk participants, step by step, through a journey of connection and community.   Our system really works!


“We had come out of our craziest selling season and needed to have fun and team-building.  Our team is rapidly growing and we continue to expand in the Chicago marketplace, so there are a lot of new faces.  This [event] allowed people to get together, work on some things and get to know each other outside of the meeting setting. We chose the teams intentionally so that we were mixing people up in order to best spread the wealth of seniority and tenure, new faces with old faces, mixing and matching personalities and experience to get the best results. We are in diverse locations and only together 3-4 times per month. This allowed relationships to start building among people who don’t necessarily see each other all the time. People were really talking about the program after the fact, on the bus, how interesting it was to learn about people.  I found the whole team was completely engaged by what we were doing.”

–Andrew Simac, Sales Manager, MI Homes



“But wait a second, Dr. Clue!   How can a treasure hunt deliver such great results?  Teambuilding is just for fun, right?”   


Great questions!    Teambuilding does need to be fun.  Our events are brainy, heart-thumping competitions that transform some of the world’s greatest neighborhoods, parks and museums into interactive, living boards games.   But they’ve also got tons of meat on the bone.  During our hunt programs, your teams will create a team contract.  They’ll make an assessment of each others’ skills, knowledge and ability.  They’ll debrief the experience afterwards and give specific, constructive feedback to their teammates.  Yes, it’s entertainment. Yes, it’s education.  In fact it’s both:  EDUTAINMENT!


“Hey Dr. Clue, we’ve looked at the competition and you’re not the cheapest treasure hunt company.  What’s up with that?”   


Pretty simple.  Dr. clue has the most experience: 20+ years doing nothing but teambuilding treasure hunts.  We have the best facilitators.  We have the most stimulating, tricky, puzzle-based clues for bright professionals.  (Did you know most “scavenger hunt” outfits don’t even write puzzles!)  And we have the most locations:  150+ at last counting.  We charge the market rate for the top company in its field.


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