Why Cutting-Edge Team Development Should Matter to You

Fact #1: PowerPoint is no Way to Build Teams!

socratesAlas, most team-development programs are Boring with a capital T that rhymes P and stands for PowerPoint.   We humans learn almost nothing by sitting passively and staring at a screen. We learn best when we leap into an intriguing environment (like a treasure hunt), roll up our sleeves and immerse ourselves in an active, real-world challenge.

Fact #2:  Your Team is Quite Possibly Lacking the Full Engagement It Deserves

engagement Lack of engagement doesn’t necessarily mean corporate sabotage.   What it does mean is employees who are “checked out” emotionally — sleepwalking through their workday, without much energy or passion, just waiting for the clock to hit 5pm.   (If we told you it was possible for your team members to be passionately eager to get to work… to see their peeps… to be of service to each other, would you be interested?  Read on!)

Fact #3:  Your Team is Missing a Full Sense of Community.

community_wall1 Jim sits in his cubicle and knows little or nothing about Mary to his left and Lincoln to his right.  He shares no sense of community with his teammates, no familiarity, no mutual obligation, no shared identity; no common values or sense of purpose; no camaraderie or true caring.    Rather than being friends (or even family), Jim’s office mates are strangers to him. In such an environment, why would he ask others for help or offer to share information?  Why would he work late, sacrifice his free time and give the team his all?  Community is everything, and like a muscle, it can be strengthened.

Scary Fact #4: Disengaged Team Members are Costing You $$.

burning money–According to a recent Gallup poll, people who are engaged have 25% fewer accidents and as much as 41% fewer quality mistakes.

–Engaged teammates incur as much as 25% less in healthcare costs.

–Active disengagement is costing the U.S. an estimated $450 billion to $550 billion annually.

–By one study– The annual cost of a disengaged employee to a company like yours is: $2,246 (per person!).

You get the idea.


Cool Fact #5: Dr. Clue can help you overcome your team relationship obstacles — improving communication, boosting team trust and revitalizing your sense of community. 

And we won’t bore you to death in the process!

Here’s how…


1)   We Take Your Team Away from the Office & Have them Play Together (reducing stress)

guiltar heroIn a recent study, researchers measured the stress level of two strangers meeting for the first time.   Not surprisingly, their stress was through the roof.   The fact is, we’re simply not wired to relax around total strangers!  However, after just 15 minutes of playing Guitar Hero together, the two strangers had their stress levels measured again.   Bam!  Miraculously, their stress had plummeted down to the SAME level of two best friends hanging out together.  Such is the amazing power of PLAY to change our biology and create a more relaxed environment!

And what’s more playful than puzzle solving?

2) Dr. Clue Gets Down to Business (YOUR Business)

Unlike many other recreation-based scavenger hunt outfits, Dr. Clue is a solution-based team-building company.  We deliver a rich “edutainment” experience, where people have fun AND, most importantly, bridge the gap between where you team IS (in terms of relationships and productivity) and where you NEED them to be. We customize all our programs to you and your group!  Some of your potential outcomes might be:   Increased…

  • Cooperation
  • Cross-team collaboration
  • Familiarity, rapport and working relationships
  • Communication
  • Efficiency
  • Trust
  • Engagement

After 20 years of working with clients like you, we know you want serious fun AND tangible results.

3) Our treasure hunts bring your host city alive

Who hasn’t flown off to a meeting in an exciting city, only to discover that the only part of town you see is the conference center and the nearest restaurant?   What a drag!  Dr. Clue’s corporate team-building events offer a unique way to get your group away from the hotel and out into the community, interacting with the host city, discovering hidden “treasures” while simultaneously re-engaging your group and building team unity.

4) Our CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) events break down “silos”

It is an inevitable quirk of human nature that we often fall into cliques and silos, viewing our “in” group as “friends” and the “out” group as “adversaries”.   Dr. Clue is committed to interrupting this pattern, experiencing the advantages of cooperation.  Many of our puzzle-based clues, in fact, require CROSS-TEAM COLLABORATION, transmitting a clear message that every department and division is part of a larger team (the organization).   In short, unless we ALL win, NO ONE wins.

5) We help your teams build familiarity and rapport

Participants in a Dr. Clue corporate team-building program develop:

  •     A deeper appreciation of their colleagues’ strengths, skills and knowledge
  •     An increased willingness to have each others’ backs and help each other out
  •     A group consensus that “we really are good at what we do”
  •     A sense that the event was “time well spent.”
  •     Heightened respect and trust for each other, developed through “going through the trenches together”

6)  We’re everywhere you need us to be

Although our HQ is based in San Francisco, Dr. Clue is an international company that travels the world, delivering indoor CSR events (at your hotel or conference space) and off-site treasure hunt programs.   With over 145+ pre-designed treasure hunt locations to choose from, all over the world, you can bet we’ll have a neighborhood or museum hunt venue somewhere near you.   And if we don’t, just give us a call and we’ll come out and create a custom program for you in your area.

7)  Our puzzle-based clues rock

Whether it’s a hunt or a CSR event, it’s all about the clues.   Dr. Clue’s puzzle writers boast gaudy credentials, including  Yale, Pomona and Stanford grads.  Not that you have to be a rocket scientist to solve our clues…but you will definitely be challenged and amazed by our awesome (some might say sinister) array of puzzles, codes and ciphers.   Expect Morse Code, Braille, Semaphore, Pig Latin, Word Searches, Logic and Trivia quizzes…the whole kitchen sink.  Hello clue jedi; we’re ready for you!

8) We offer a money-back guarantee.

That’s right.  If this is not the BEST team-building program you’ve ever done, we’ll give you your money back — no questions asked.

Ready to revitalize your team engagement (and have more fun than a barrel of monkeys)?