Dr. Clue’s Mission:  Steering the world back towards trust, caring, empathy and team spirit,

one immersive simulation game at a time.


90% of the so-called “team building” programs out there are actually “Team bonding”.


So, what’s the difference?


A Team Bonding Program offers the following features:


  • Designed around a simpler goal or outcome of having a good time.
  • May follow a specific schedule, but is not catered to an end workplace goal.
  • Typically does not require reflection or debrief time.
  • Can act as a stand-alone event.


Some examples of team bonding might include an escape room, mini golf, bowling and go-karting.

Team bonding is fun, it’s active, it gives people a good time — but alas, it provides little take away value.


By contrast, Dr. Clue offers true “Team building“.


As much FUN as team bonding, a Team Building  Program ALSO offers these distinct VALUE ADS:


  • Designed around a particular goal or outcome that is transferable to the workplace or school environment.
  • Has an intentional curriculum or flow.
  • Designed and/or facilitated by trained facilitator with skills in experiential facilitation techniques.
  • Allows for built-in reflection/debrief time where participants reflect on their experience and relate those experiences back to the real world.
  • May include follow-up work.


Without sacrificing the fun, “team-building” nurtures breath-taking “aha” moments participants can take back with them to the workplace!


Listen in to Dave Blum, Founder and President of Dr. Clue, talking about the difference between team bonding and team building.

Let Dr. Clue help you drive real performance and behavioral change!


Tell us your goals and we’ll work to make sure that they happen!


Potential Take-Aways include:

  • bonding
  • morale
  • lateral thinking skills
  • problem solving skills
  • collaboration
  • cooperation
  • de-stressing
  • unplugging
  • an interactive walking tour of your area
  • familiarity
  • rapport
  • teamwork
  • communication


During your debrief, we’ll ask participants:

  • What happened?
  • What worked well?
  • What could have worked better?
  • How did you feel?
  • How does this parallel your work?
  • What will you differently upon returning to the office?