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Why Dr. Clue?

Is your team fully engaged?


  • Disengaged employees are less productive.
  • Disengaged employees are harder to retain.
  • Disengaged employees create so much more “drama”!


Failing to engage your team costs you thousands of dollar per year! It creates an environment that is 100% no fun to be around!

Teambuilding is all about fully engaging your employees!

This spring and summer, let Dr. Clue help YOU engage your team at a whole new level


  • Engaged employees get more done in less time!
  • Engaged employees share resources!
  • Engaged employees are more productive, which puts money in your pocket!


Can you really afford to wait another second to engage your team?!!

Dr. Clue has been creating and leading the most ENGAGING teambuilding programs in the world for nearly 25 years!

The best season of the year is before us. Build employee engagement now! Leave it to the experts. Get a Clue with Dr. Clue!

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What our clients says?

Annie LiAutodesk

I loved the evolution of learning and cooperation that developed at each successive level.

Michelle SkorkaSun-Netscape Alliance

The hunt you planned for us was awesome, creative, challenging and most of all FUN!

Wayne DabneyLiz Clairborne

I loved the examples of clues & the focus on team collaboration.

Mark PalmerConoco Phillips

I liked that some of the clues required or promoted collaboration with other groups.

Introducing our new REMOTE-TEAM
“Virtual” Treasure Hunt

100% on Zoom. Puzzles, clues, creative challenges and more!

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