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Why Dr. Clue?

Our Commitment:

  • We’ll always tell you truth;  if we can’t do something, we’ll never over-promise.
  • We’ll do exactly what we say we’re going to do.
  • We’ll go the extra yard for you, and then some.
  • We’ll listen carefully to your needs and tailor your experience accordingly
  • We won’t hold back;  we’ll share with you our full-throated enthusiasm for the crazy-fun experience of treasure hunting, exploration and connecting people


Treasure Hunt Benefits:

A treasure hunt, done right, offers a unique experience.   Some benefits include:

  • an irreverent walking tour (where you’re discovering the “treasures of the area”)
  • problem solving and lateral thinking
  • leadership and delegation
  • team bonding, stress release and morale boosting
  • high-spirited competition (that requires little more than thinking and walking–no running, jumping, lifting.)  Anyone can do it; anyone can contribute.
  • an opportunity to connect in a safe yet “magical” environment.


–If your group is from out of town and wants to get to know the area….

–If your group needs practice with leadership and communication…

–If your group is stressed out and needs to blow off some steam…

–If your group needs a high-spirited pick-me-up…

–If your group is seeking a unique, authentic, memorable experience…



Participants walk away from our treasure hunts thinking:

  • “I got to know the ‘super powers’ of my brilliant teammates.”
  • “I made some new friendships.”
  • “I saw some new things that I never would have seen otherwise, making the area ‘my own.”
  • “I learned a lot about myself.”
  • “Those clues were astonishing.  How did Dr. Clue even think of those?”
  • “I loved the challenge and feel smarter for having done it.”
  • “The whole experience was expertly conceived and executed.  We were totally in good hands.”
  • “That was so fun.  I’ve never experienced anything quite like that.”
  • “Dr. Clue really cared about giving us an authentic experience.”


  • Other teambuilding events can be too strenuous, leaving out the non-physical people.  Or they can be too difficult.  Or too easy.  Or too confusing.    Our sweet spot at Dr. clue is creating an event that is clear, coherent, fun, challenging and not too easy, not too hard.  (And of course…that makes you look good in front of your peers!)  🙂


Dr. Clue has been creating and leading the most ENGAGING teambuilding programs in the world for over 26 years!  That’s more than a quarter century of treasure hunting!

Build employee engagement now!  Have an authentic, unforgettable experience.  Get a Clue with Dr. Clue!

testimonial & partner

What our clients says?

Annie LiAutodesk

I loved the evolution of learning and cooperation that developed at each successive level.

Michelle SkorkaSun-Netscape Alliance

The hunt you planned for us was awesome, creative, challenging and most of all FUN!

Wayne DabneyLiz Clairborne

I loved the examples of clues & the focus on team collaboration.

Mark PalmerConoco Phillips

I liked that some of the clues required or promoted collaboration with other groups.