Code-Breaker: Puzzling Virtual Treasure Hunt Adventure

--After 3 years of covid, we've all become used to remote meetings. Perhaps TOO used to them! Is team motivation waning? --Are spirits flagging? --Is communication and efficiency suffering? If your answer is yes to ANY of the questions above, GREAT NEWS: Our Code-Breaker: Puzzling Virtual Treasure Hunt Adventure is the Remote morale-booster your team needs! [...]

Clue Trek — Bronze (Offsite)

Our Clue Trek Bronze program (held at any of our 150+ clue locations) is our signature, offsite, Smart Phone Hunt, but completely self guided, without all the bells and whistles.  You download the app, we provide the tutorial over the phone, and you run the hunt yourselves.  Although it doesn’t have our full range of […]

Clue Trek — Silver (Offsite)

The Clue Trek Silver is our basic team-development program, emphasizing brilliant, puzzle-based CLUES. Fully-facilitated, the hunt features Da Vinci-code type clues and expert facilitation tying the event back to business goals.

Clue Trek – Gold (Offsite)

The Clue Trek Gold is our premium program combining Da Vinci Code-esque, site-specific clues with the latest smart phone technology. Facilitated from start to finish, your Full-Service Clue Trek will help you celebrate success, bring remote team members together, build rapport, blow off steam — and so much more.

Clue Trek — Behind-The-Scenes (for conferences)

      For your next conference or convention… introducing our fun, new big event service:   Behind-the-scene treasure hunts. Let’s break that down a bit: “Treasure hunts” are clue-based games where puzzles lead people to various locations in a given area.  The key is the clues, which can be in Pig Latin, code, cipher, […]

Clue Trek — (Onsite) Mini Hunt

Clue Trek Onsite Mini-Hunts     Q:  Who really likes parties (especially holiday parties)?    Who really likes business meetings?   A:  Just about nobody!   **WHY IS THAT?**   Office parties can be rough, especially for introverts, because they’re so unstructured.  Everyone ambles around aimlessly, trying to make idle chit chat.   Fun for some, torture [...]

Hunt Consulting for Do-it-Yourselfers

Want to create your own teambuilding scavenger hunt?   We can help! Our consulting fee is $200/hr. We can also write clues for you at $150/clue.   Learn about: The difference between scavenger hunts and treasure hunts The difference between sequential and non-sequential hunts How to scout an area How to write a clue What kind […]