Code-Breaker: Puzzling Virtual Treasure Hunt Adventure

--After 3 years of covid, we've all become used to remote meetings. Perhaps TOO used to them! Is team motivation waning? --Are spirits flagging? --Is communication and efficiency suffering? If your answer is yes to ANY of the questions above, GREAT NEWS: Our Code-Breaker: Puzzling Virtual Treasure Hunt Adventure is the Remote morale-booster your team needs! [...]

Clue Trek — Silver (Offsite)

The Clue Trek Silver is our basic team-development program, emphasizing brilliant, puzzle-based CLUES. Fully-facilitated, the hunt features Da Vinci-code type clues and expert facilitation tying the event back to business goals.

Clue Trek – Gold (Offsite)

The Clue Trek Gold is our premium program combining Da Vinci Code-esque, site-specific clues with the latest smart phone technology. Facilitated from start to finish, your Full-Service Clue Trek will help you celebrate success, bring remote team members together, build rapport, blow off steam — and so much more.

Clue Trek — (Onsite) Mini Hunt

Clue Trek Onsite Mini-Hunts     Q:  Who really likes parties (especially holiday parties)?    Who really likes business meetings?   A:  Just about nobody!   **WHY IS THAT?**   Office parties can be rough, especially for introverts, because they’re so unstructured.  Everyone ambles around aimlessly, trying to make idle chit chat.   Fun for some, torture [...]

Hunt Consulting for Do-it-Yourselfers

Want to create your own teambuilding scavenger hunt?   We can help! Our consulting fee is $200/hr. We can also write clues for you at $150/clue.   Learn about: The difference between scavenger hunts and treasure hunts The difference between sequential and non-sequential hunts How to scout an area How to write a clue What kind […]