Thursday, January 1, 2009 by Dave Blum

The cold and wet winter weather need not deter you from doing a scavenger these next few months.  You just have to choose the right venue!  Here are five scavenger hunt locations to consider as you create your winter scavenger hunt list.

1) The Mall Scavenger Hunt: Malls have the advantage of being large, warm and indoors, with a great variety of food and shopping options.  Generate a scavenger hunt list of funny photos to take (ie. serving coffee at the Starbucks) or give people a certain amount of money and direct them to purchase “the funniest picnic kit” or “the weirdest clothing ensemble”.  Just make sure you don’t alert the mall security!

2) The Museum Scavenger Hunt:  Science museums and aquariums tend to be the best for this kind of thing (as opposed to art museums) as you can run around and act like a kid.  Some good scavenger hunt ideas might be: get a picture of your team acting like dinosaurs; find the oldest exhibit in the museum; and photograph your team performing a science experiment.

3) The Scavenger Hunt Bar Crawl:  There are all sorts of treasure hunt ideas you can try out in bars and taverns.  Have people experience the establishment’s specialty drink; make them find a particular song on the jukebox; or have them pick up a coaster or purchase a particular beer glass.  Check out our DIY Treasure Hunt Pub Crawl or create your own.

4) The Car Scavenger Hunt:  If the day is cold but clear and dry, why not have people drive around town in the comfort of their nice, warm automobiles.  Your palette for creating treasure hunt clues is the whole city; people can lean out their car windows as they take photos, or you can have them get photos in costume shops, art stores, and sports venues.  Check out our DIY City-Wide Scavenger Hunt for more ideas.

5) The House Scavenger Hunt: A large house is a great place for an intimate scavenger hunt amongst friends and family.  You’ll want to write clues for this one, leading to hidden spots around the house.  Classic locations might include the piano (or piano seat), books in the bookshelf, and even the back of the toilet!

Don’t let the weather spoil your treasure hunt fun this winter!   Feel free tocall me to discuss your scavenger hunt ideas!   415-861-1314.