Wednesday, December 24, 2008 by Dave Blum

Most all of our Dr. Clue team building activities are a hoot in some way or another, but not all of them are captured on TV, like the treasure hunt I led this past Monday in Sacramento.  It all fell into place rather suddenly when I was contacted last Wednesday by Tracy Magan of KTXL Fox40, a local Fox affiliate in Sacramento.  It seems that Tracy is something of a phenomenon up there, thanks to her weekly news/feature spot, “Tracy’s Excellent Adventures”.  Over the last few months Tracy, a diminutive lass with boundless energy, has been sent on a variety of crazy adventures by her producers, from roller coaster riding, to haunted houses, to skydiving.  This week, though, she thought she’d try the ultimate challenge: a Dr. Clue treasure hunt.  🙂

The hunt really went great, in spite of the fact that many of her teammates (fellow staff members) had been up half the night, editing tape.  Even with obvious sleep deprivation, they were all exceedingly good at the clues, and their spirit was excellent. Not only did both teams get a perfect score on the hunt, but everyone had energy at the end for group photos — including the one tot thee left, with everyone jumping up and clapping hands in mid-air celebration.  Crazy film crews.

The segment should be airing this upcoming Friday; I’ll see if I can get a video of the show for this blog.  If not, look for it on KTXL’s website, at Tracy’s Excellent Adventures.