Wednesday, January 7, 2009 by Dave Blum

Well, I’m off to New Orleans this morning for a treasure hunt gig tomorrow afternoon with Wells Real Estate Funds.  I’m quite looking forward to going out there; I haven’t been to New Orleans since Katrina.  Dr. Clue used to do a lot of programs in “The Big Easy”, but after the big storm, it seems that organizations have been reluctant to give “Nawlins” a chance.  It’s not a surprise, I guess.  The images on TV post-Katrina were pretty horrific. The fact that I’ve got not one, but two treasure hunts scheduled for New Orleans this month gives me hope that the French Quarter is finally getting back on the visitor radar–especially as a site for corporate team building activities like scavenger hunts.

Here’s a little puzzle I’ve posted before, in my newsletter, but never in a blog.

“It’s greater than god…

It’s more evil than the devil…

The poor have it…

The rich want it…

And if you eat it, you’ll die.

What is it?

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