Thursday, February 26, 2009 by Dave Blum

Over the years, I’ve been amazed and amused by the odd treasure hunt ideas that have come across my plate.  (I guess that’s what happens when you combine corporate team building activities and scavenger hunts for a living.) For instance, at one point I was in serious talks with an LA production company about creating a treasure-hunt related TV show, with big prizes like boats and planes.  They even flew me and my team down to their offices in Hollywood for talks, which was pretty cool as the production company was housed in the same space as the Jim Henson studios.  Sadly, the TV show didn’t work out…but it was still pretty fun to even be in that conversation.

So…here I am involved a similarly interesting conversation, of a very different sort.  This guy out in Fort Lauderdale, Florida wants me to create a Star Trek treasure hunt aboard a Trekkie-themed cruise ship, sailing to the Mexican Riviera!  Go figure.  The outfit is Murder Mystery Vacations, and the project is the Star Trek Cruise, departing from LA, stardate 10/11/09.  Apparently there will be all sorts of Trekkie activies on board, including movie screenings, trivia contests, and a chance to meet the stars.  (Not William Shatner, obviously, but they’ve got a few familiar faces lined up.)  AND, most importantly, they’ll likely have a Dr. Clue, Trek-related treasure hunt!   (We have to work out the details first).

What in the world will this be like, I wonder!   Andorians solving treasure hunt clues in Morse Code?   Romulans poring over a scavenger hunt list in Braille?  Or will I have to write the whole darn thing in Klingon? The mind boggles.  I’ll let you all know how it develops.  If this Star Trek thing works out, there are other “tribute cruises” in the works.  I might soon be writing an Elvis hunt, a Jimmy Buffet adventure and, wait for it…the Neil Diamond treasure hunt experience.  All on the high seas.

It is truly a crazy world we live in.