Saturday, November 29, 2008 by Dave Blum

For those of you who haven’t yet made it to my website, Dr. Clue is the company I founded in 1995.  Our six featured team building activities serve clients in the following ways:

1) Our puzzle-based Treasure Hunts allow participants to navigate around a given city neighborhood, museum or resort, discovering the hidden treasures of the area while developing skills in time management, team decision-making, delegation, personnel assessment, and cross-team collaboration.

2) Taking place at our clients’ workplace, our Team Efficiency Workshop goes even deeper into the dynamics of team management and decision-making.  Participants practice creating and re-engineering efficient team processes while bonding over a variety of stimulating puzzles, games and simulations.

3) Our Help-A-School Treasure Hunt allows organizations to work on their own teamwork while being philanthropic.  Clients first choose a local junior or senior high school class that would benefit from a team building experience.  Those students then practive teamwork and creativity as they play and then create a puzzle-based treasure hunt.  At the end, the client tries out the students’ hunt, practices their own teamwork skills, visits the students’ class, and presents them with a financial gift as appreciation for their efforts.

4) Taking place at a number of client workplaces simultaneously, our Virtual Treasure Hunt is team building for the information age.  Clients who rarely get together in person come together online to solve a puzzle-based treasure hunt together, via facilitated teleconference and web-based conferencing software.  Participants walk away with both improved technical tools as well as enhanced virtual communication skills…all without leaving their office(s).

5) Designed more for networking, our do-it-yourself Puzzling Networking Game presents participants with a variety of tricky puzzles that can only be solved as a 4-person team.  Solve one puzzle, find a new team, and solve the next — great for cocktail parties and 90-minute meeting breaks.

6) Our Puzzle-Based Scavenger Hunt provides clients with a low-cost, do-it-yourself way to explore their neighborhood while flexing their creativity.  Each puzzle leads to an inventive photo challenge — a terrific way to get to know your teammates on a non-work level.

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