Wednesday, February 4, 2009 by Dave Blum

With February 14th still a couple of weeks out, it’s not too late to create a Valentine’s Day treasure hunt for your sweetheart.  There are lots of possibilities:

Concoct treasure hunt clues that lead to his/her favorite haunts…or better yet, to the favorite places you’ve discovered together, as a couple.

Create a scavenger hunt list that can be done around your house or apartment.  Hide chocolates or candy in a variety of places…but make sure that chocolates stay away from sheets and clothing.  Chocolate stains in the laundry do not make a romantic holiday.

Invent scavenger hunt ideas for a trek around the neighborhood, with cooperation from the local merchants.  Pre-buy the establishments’ drinks and snacks and have a fun, if caloric, day around the ‘hood.

Make it a treasure hunt dine-around, with clues leading to a variety of restaurants for small plates and appetizers.  Work it out with the maitre d’ to have a rose waiting at each location.

If your partner prefers libations, why not do a Valentine’s Day treasure hunt bar crawl?  Each clue leads to a different tavern.  (Make it yourself or considering purchasing Dr. Clue’s pub crawl kit.)

And if you’re single on Valentine’s Day, how about putting together an Anti-Valentine’s Day for your fellow single friends, like the one they’re doing in Philadelphia.

Valentine’s Day is more than a card and flowers — it’s an occasion for clue-ful expression. 🙂