A cool site to hold a team building scavenger hunt in Jerusalem

When creating a scavenger hunt, we tend to gravitate towards historical area:  Old Philadelphia, Old Vienna, Old Salem.   There’s old, and then there’s — Jerusalem!    The Old City here is just an incredible place for a scavenger hunt — atmosphere, history, adventure.   It has it all.   And not just the tourist sites.


Event Description: A riveting place to participate in a corporate teambuilding event, Dr. Clue’s Old City program focuses primarily on the Armenian and Jewish Quarters.  A treasure hunt is often characterized by people “searching for clues through a labyrinth of interesting and historic streets and alleys.” With this definition in mind, consider Jerusalem’s Old City the ultimate treasure hunt location! In many ways, history began here in the Old City.

Location History:  For thirty centuries, a vast array of people have battled for these “holy” grounds, including Hebrews, Persians, Romans, Arabs, Western Crusaders, Ayyubids, Mamluks, and the Ottoman Turks. Events central to the traditions of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam are believed to have taken place within these walls-and today it’s still astounding how “close” everything seems; a 10-minutes’ walk literally takes you from the Church of the Holy Sepulchre to the Western Wall to the Dome of the Rock.

During your corporate teambuilding treasure hunt…expect to see an Old Syrian church, perhaps the first of its kind; musical instruments preserved in tile; a model of the Third Temple; a mosaic of Jerusalem hidden in a tunnel; and wall and column fragments from over 2000 years ago. This treasure hunt truly is a walk through time.


Not every corporate team building program is the same.  Depending on your group, your focus may be integrating new people into the team and breaking down personal boundaries and divisions.    Or you may have an existing department where teams could, with a little practice, cooperate and communicate more smoothly across teams and divisions.  Or you might simply have a group that thrives on the use of technology.    Let Dr. Clue customize your hunt program by selecting the content focus that best matches your group and your needs.

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Gather in front of Jaffa Gate.

  1. Introductions/Ice Breakers/Rules–30 minutes
  2. Hunt ~120 minutes
  3. Team Building Wrap-Up & Discussion–30 minutes


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