So there you are in your ballroom, having just sat down for a big, group meal.  As coffee and dessert rolls around, you start thinking:  “Hmm, what do we do now to spice up the party and get people interacting?”

Our new DIY Table Rebus answers that question in spades!  Each table receives a a number of pieces of a “rebus” (picture puzzle). By moving around the room, swapping pieces with other tables, your table/team will eventually put together a completed, secret message.  That secret message will direct each table to prepare a specific creative challenge having to do with teams and trust, which they must then perform on stage, in front of the entire assembly.


  • Full-color puzzle pieces, with coordinator’s guide.
  • Held in the location of your choice (meeting room/ballroom, etc.)
  • 45-90 minutes


  • Participants get to know a large variety of people on a more personal level: both at their own table and at other tables.
  • People discover the hidden skills and talents of their friends and co-workers.
  • Fun, fun, and more fun.

$65 (plus tax) –available immediately by download/e-mail

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