Just about every business has a mission statement — but how many have a mission statement poster that has been viewed online more than 50 million times and translated into 12 languages?    That business would be Holstee, a NY-based company selling eco-friendly clothing and accessories.

Check out their unique mission statement, below:


You can read more about this in an excellent short article appearing in last month’s Inc. Magazine:  http://bit.ly/w2fZqO

Holstee co-founder Fabian Pfortmuller writes:  “Every entrepreneur, including us, wants to build a lifestyle for himself.  But even though you’re your own boss, sometimes a start-up becomes something you can’t control.  You build your business, but at the end of the day, you might not even want to work there.  So we wanted to define what success means to us in nonmonetary terms. ”


Pretty inspiring stuff!  Homework  to self:  think about the lifestyle I want to create for myself and my employees, then create a mission statement (that sells for $25 a poster).   🙂