In these tough times, who else gets “left behind” more than the children?  During Dr. Clue’s new puzzle-based, philanthropic team-building workshop, your teams will work together to solve a variety of “The Doctor’s” favorite puzzles (codes/ciphers/trivia quizzes).   When solved, each puzzle earns your team a piece of a kid’s bicycle.  Once all the parts have been collected, you then assemble the bike, decorate it, and create a heart-felt gift card.  As a finale, all bicycles are then presented, in person, to local kids-in-need (from the Boys/Girls Club, Big Brothers/Big Sisters, etc.).


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We’ll travel anywhere to accommodate your schedule:  your office, your corporate campus, or your hotel/ballroom on the road.



  • 8-12  fantastic, puzzle-based clues,  pens, decoder sheets, etc.
  • Several other “team challenges” interspersed with the clues
  • ~2 hours in length (depending on your schedule)
  • Fully Facilitated
  • One un-assembled bike/team, plus helmets


  • Increased awareness of your teammates on a personal level
  • Bonding and raised morale
  • Integration of new members into the team
  • Practice at delegation and the leveraging of diverse skills and knowledge
  • Ample opportunities for cross-team collaboration
  • Chance to give back to a needy demographic: under-privileged kids!

For our full pricing sheet: call  415-699-3905 or email

Travel costs may apply, depending on location.

Corporate philanthropy meets treasure hunting!  There’s never been a better time to give back!