Are you tired of the same old dry, serious, virtual meetings?

As organizations continue to globalize and departments become more and more geographically dispersed, teams are increasingly turning to cyberspace to complete important projects and to get work done.   With opportunities to gather together  “in person” becoming fewer and farther between,  some significant team challenges and questions have emerged, like:

  • How can teams that work virtually build trust and camaraderie during meetings in cyberspace?
  • How can extended teams break down personal boundaries while meeting virtually?
  • What can YOU do to make your virtual meetings more FUN–something people actually look forward to?

The good news is:  Dr. Clue can help!

Introducing Dr. Clue’s new Virtual Team-Building session!

During this fun, interactive session, Dr. Clue will join your tele-meeting or video-conference and lead your virtual staff through a series of fun, impactful exercises and activities that break down personal boundaries, dissolve silos and build team trust.   Exercises will include:

  • Icebreakers
  • Getting-to-Know-You Games
  • A Virtual Treasure Hunt (individuals enter “break-out rooms” and work together to solve tricky codes, puzzles and clues, leading both around the internet and away from people’s desks!).

30-60 minutes in duration


  • Fun!
  • Increased Trust (through the completion of short projects together)
  • Camaraderie
  • Familiarity of Personal Styles
  • Big Morale Boost

For more information, call us at 707-566-7824, or email!