Need a quick meeting energy boost, or perhaps a fun, impactful way to boost familiarity and camaraderie during your lunch or cocktail hour?  During your Mini-Trek, we come to you VIRTUALLY, transforming your meeting space into an interactive experience!  Great for inclement weather, with take-away lessons you can use immediately to start building unstoppable team engagement.



During your Clue Trek Mini, we’ll bring the clue-solving right to you (either in person or virtually).   Divided into small groups, teams compete to solve a series of puzzles that, when solved, lead to objects scattered all around your meeting space  — literally a mini-treasure hunt!


  • Increased awareness of your teammates on a personal level
  • Bonding and raised morale
  • Integration of new members into the team
  • Practice at delegation and the leveraging of diverse skills and knowledge
  • Big time fun (in less than an hour)


  • 5-7 of the world’s most clever clues, based on wordplay, codes, ciphers, history, music, literature, geography and pop culture trivia.  Expect anything from Morse Code to Braille, from word puzzles to Pig Latin…in short, the whole kitchen sink.  🙂   Our clue writers are Stanford and Yale graduates, so you can bet that these clues are stimulating!
  • Pens, objects and decoder sheets
  • 60-minute program, including your treasure hunt activity and a short debrief discussion that ties the treasure hunt experience back to workplace action steps


For full pricing information: call  415-699-3905 or email