We come to your office or hotel for this fantastic indoor, onsite, treasure hunt.   Transform your meeting space into an interactive game!  Great for inclement weather!    With take-away lessons you can use immediately to start building your unstoppable team community.



Fact:   Most teams under-achieve…and it’s NOT for lack of skills, knowledge or resources.    They under-perform because they fail to create an atmosphere of COMMUNITY!    If we told you it doesn’t have to be that way…that your team members could develop such a sense of community that they would work for free just to be a part of this energized and supportive team community, wouldn’t you be interested?


During your Community Quest, we’ll bring the fun and learning to you (at your office or meeting space).   Divided into small groups, teams compete to solve a series of puzzles leading to locations throughout your building — a mini-treasure hunt with a purpose:  to develop team community!

Outcomes:  Participants will be able to…

  • List the 4 types of game archetypes
  • Describe three new things about their teammates
  • List the 7 components of a community
  • Practice & master delegation and the leveraging of diverse skills and knowledge
  • Give feedback in a constructive manner


  • 7 experiential activities that promote identity, purpose, familiarity, trust, camaraderie, group decision making and caring
  • A 90-minute mini-treasure hunt around your office or meeting space
  • Pens, objects and decoder sheets
  • Full debrief and feedback
  • Our signature Smart Phone App for capturing photos, videos and augmented reality


For full pricing information: call  415-699-3905 or email drclue@drclue.com

Travel costs may apply, depending on location.