“How to Create A Team-Building Event That Everyone Will Love (& Which Won’t Break Your Budget)”

During this webinar (a repeat performance from 2/4/11), I’ll talk about:

The #1 mistake that you are probably making when it comes to team-building design that could be costing you dozens of hours and hundreds of dollars!


  • How you can create an event that exactly fits your team and how they operate
  • How you can make sure your program is in context to actual team issues, and on budget.
  • How to make sure everything feels relevant so appropriate insights occur.
  • How to ensure that the program builds on itself, to a satisfying crescendo
  • How you can spend less time re-inventing the wheel and more time actually doing your job
  • And at the end, I’ll teach you the one trick that will turn a good team-building event into a great one – all in 5 minutes.


To sign up for the webinar, fill in the fields below.  I’ll then send you a link to the webinar, which goes live at 10am PST (2pm EST) this Thursday, 2/18/16.

See you there!

You’re awesome!
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