Our Budget-Friendly program is a classic photo scavenger hunt.  Rather than receiving puzzles to solve (a la the Da Vinci code or National Treasure), for this option you’ll race around the hunt area accomplishing photo and video missions with your smart phones.   The location is entirely up to you.


  • Increased awareness of your teammates’ strengths and weaknesses
  • Bonding and heightened morale
  • Integration of new members into the team
  • A fun and irreverent introduction to your host city


  • 15-20 crazy photo and video missions.
  • Maps and pens
  • Icebreakers & warm-up exercises
  • Smart phone app to manage your media
  • Facilitator on-site

Pricing:  Our fees are based on your estimated headcount.   Call or email us for full pricing.  415-699-3905

Note: Travel costs and/or museum admission may apply, depending on location.