Our Clue Trek Bronze program (held at any of our 150+ clue locations) is our signature, offsite, Smart Phone Hunt, but completely self guided, without all the bells and whistles.  You download the app, we provide the tutorial over the phone, and you run the hunt yourselves.  Although it doesn’t have our full range of puzzle clues, nor does it have Dr. Clue onsite facilitation, it’s still a ton of fun, at a budget price.



  • Bonding and heightened morale
  • Practice in communication and collaboration
  • Deepened familiarity, trust and camaraderie among people who don’t get to meet in person often (but still need strong relationships to get work done)


  • 6-8 simple, site-specific clues leading to locations in your hunt area (150+ to choose from).
  • 8-10 photo and video missions
  • Phone support and tutorial
  • 90-105-minutes in duration
  • All media (photos/videos) delivered to you digitally upon completion of event

Pricing:  Our fees are based on your estimated headcount.   Call or email us for full pricing, at:  sales@drclue.com  415-699-3905