Love this article about teamwork and the Golden State Warriors. My own thoughts:

It’s so easy for people to lose their engagement when a member of a team. It’s up to the leader/coach to get everyone involved, and to build the sense of “ownership”. A leader’s job is *not* to do everything for the team, take a bow, and say “Big Daddy is taking care of you.” Although team members will initially appreciate this, eventually they’ll start to check out. I try to always get my own team involved in the crafting of the vision/mission statement, which we’re constantly tinkering with. I have them frequently doing assessments of our processes. When I’m training a new facilitator, it’s my job to let them step up and lead the group, with me there as backup as needed. Nothing kills engagement like micromanaging. On the flip side, you don’t want to put people into a situation where they’re “over their head”, without the skills or experience to at least moderately succeed. But even a “fail” can be a huge learning opportunity.

Coach Kerr’s experiment with letting his players call the plays was a brave idea–but make no mistake, he did it against one of the worst teams in the league. As far as situations go, this was one of the “safer” opportunities to try an experiment like this.  Read on!