28 Lampu no Yado

There’s a reason why we’re all so fascinated with time travel. It’s just so cool to imagine going back in time and experiencing a bygone era with modern eyes.

If your time machine was set for “Japan, 500 years ago”, you might well end up at Lampu No Yado, an ancient hot springs tucked away in a secluded valley up north in Aomori prefecture. The title literally means “Lamp Inn”, no doubt for the dozens of old kerosene lamps you find in the resort…in the hallways, in the rooms, everywhere. In fact, the whole place is designed so you never need to turn on an electric light, transmitting an old-timey ambiance that is utterly charming. But beware: the staff requests that you keep the lamp in your room on at all times; in other words, bring an eye mask.

I *love* Japanese hot spring resorts like Lampu No Yado! There’s something so rustic and cozy about places like this. You’ve got your tatami mat room, with a view of a nearby creek. You’ve got your two big hot tubs: one indoors, one practically outdoors with its many large windows and high roof, affording a view of the trees outside (in brilliant fall bloom when I visited). This place is a treasure!
What would people say if they traveled back in time to visit your life? Would they appreciate the “old-timey ambiance” of your life? If not, what can you do to make your life “time travel worthy”?