One of the pleasures of travel is being surprised – having your assumptions completely turned on end.

My partner and I arrive in Agricento in western Sicily on a warm spring morning, hoping to see a few meager Greek ruins. After all, the Parthenon is in Greece. All the other well-preserved Greek temples must be in Greece, too, right?
But those 3 temples on the hill are anything but dilapidated archaeological remains. They are perfectly-maintained classical temples, complete with columns and an intact roof! In Sicily, Italy! Why didn’t anyone ever tell me about this place?

Anyone who knows me, knows that I *love* scrambling around ruins, imagining the ancients walking in these hallowed grounds, going about their daily lives: praying, selling, negotiating, whatever. But that thought just keeps getting stuck in my head? How are their full-blown temples from Greece, here in the Italian Island where the Godfather is from? I did NOT expect this!
What would your life be like if you tossed out all your assumptions and took life as it comes? What assumptions are you willing to challenge?