A fun place to hold a team building activity in Auckland, NZ

Event Description: During this fun treasure hunt adventure, you’ll roam the streets of Downtown Auckland enjoying public art and historical signage around nearly every turn.

Location History: On March 20, 1840, the paramount chief of the Ngati Whatua Maori iwi (tribe) signed the Treaty of Waitangi, delivering 3,500 acres of land on the Waitemata Harbor to the new Governor of New Zealand, William Hobson, for the new capital, which Hobson named for George Eden, Earl of Auckland, then Viceroy of India. An 1841 census reported only 2,000 people in the downtown area, mostly mechanics and agricultural laborers. The town grew, of course, to its current population of 1.6 million people.

Today, downtown Auckland is a pleasant place for a stroll, with many shops and restaurants all round and the impressive Sky Tower complex dominating the skyline.

During your hunt: Expect to encounter… giant Christmas ornaments; a wall of huge urns; a statue dedicated to a Maori leader; a plaque to the first post office, and much, much more.

Not every corporate team building program is the same. Depending on your group, your focus may be integrating new people into the team and breaking down personal boundaries and divisions. Or you may have an existing department where teams could, with a little practice, cooperate and communicate more smoothly across teams and divisions. Or you might simply have a group that thrives on the use of technology. Let Dr. Clue customize your hunt program by selecting the content focus that best matches your group and your needs.


Gather outside the ferry building

Introductions/Ice Breakers/Rules–30 minutes
Hunt ~90 minutes
Team Building Wrap-Up & Discussion–30 minutes