Franco Beneduce - Certified Life Coach and Management ConsultantFranco Beneduce is a certified life coach, management consultant, and group facilitator in San Francisco. He has inspired and trained individuals, groups, and Fortune 500 companies in the areas of personal and professional development, effective communication, teambuilding, and creative problem solving. He received his life coaching certification from one of the top life coaches in the country, “O” magazine columnist and best-selling author Martha Beck. Ms. Beck has commented that Franco is “one of the most talented, intelligent, inspiring, exuberant coaches I’ve ever worked with.” His varied background includes extensive experience in marketing, large event production and stand-up comedy. Franco was also the co-host of a popular radio talk show as well as a mayoral appointee to the Providence Historic District Commission in his hometown of Providence, Rhode Island. He is passionately committed to self-empowerment, personal effectiveness, producing results and fun!

Dave Blum - Founder and PresidentDave Blum is the founder and President of Dr. Clue Treasure Hunts. Dave holds a B.A. in English from Pomona College in Claremont, California and is continuing boardmember of the North American Simulation & Gaming Association ( After a three-year stint teaching English in Japan for the Mombusho English Fellows program, Dave worked in tourism and the non-profit sector before discovering his destiny as a treasure hunt master, team-building trainer, and entrepreneur.

Caroline Bolas - Consultant Trainer and FacilitatorCaroline Bolas is an experienced and enthusiastic consultant, trainer and facilitator with over 14 year’s expertise in designing and delivering award winning leadership development, team building and organizational development interventions. She is LEVELheaded’s Senior Consultant in Organizational Management ( Caroline has a Masters in Occupational Psychology and a Masters in Social Policy and Social Work. She is proud to serve on the boards of the DC Chapter of the ASTD and the YNPNdc. She is a Consultant Member of the ASAE and the Center and Member of Institute for Management Consultants.

Alexandra Fiona Dixon - Professional Treasure HunterAlexandra Fiona Dixon has been playing in, and writing treasure hunts for over 20 years, most recently as the owner of, a San Francisco-based producer of public treasure hunts.

Alexandra firmly believes that the best treasure hunts are written by people who also enjoy playing in them. And play she does – she has traveled as far as 3,000 miles on more than one occasion to participate in a game. Her experience includes appearing as a contestant on Jeopardy!, qualifying for the national championship of the Urban Challenge three times, playing on the winning Masters team of San Francisco’s Chinese New Year’s Treasure Hunt, and participating many times in the Stanford Game, a weekend-long marathon favored by Silicon Valley’s brightest tech employees. She is a member of the National Puzzlers League (, the world’s oldest puzzling organization. And in 1999, she won the grand prize in a nationwide treasure hunt sponsored by Forbes FYI magazine, outwitting more than two thousand other registered players to dig up a treasure chest on Florida’s Gulf coast filled with 31 ounces of pure gold!

Alexandra is a cum laude graduate of Yale University with a B.A. in Management & Policy. Her past professional experience includes more than ten years’ experience as a Registered Investment Advisor, managing multi-million dollar portfolios for private clients, followed by another ten-plus years as a database programmer building custom desktop applications for corporate clients.

Marla Emery - Professional CoachMarla Emery, a dedicated professional coach, is committed to helping others through life’s transitions with minimal stress by creating a positive and supportive network for change. With over 20 years in corporate business, as a consultant, manager, trainer, and entrepreneur, Marla has experienced the excitement and the challenges of being a business leader, an executive team member, a project leader, and an individual contributor.

For corporate clients, Marla focuses on leadership development and team dynamics. She recognizes the importance of helping her clients develop self awareness through objective assessments, constructive feedback, and action-based coaching. When working with struggling business teams, Marla helps team members tear down silos using various assessments, interactive exercises, group coaching, and meeting facilitation.

Her ongoing quest for more knowledge and tools to help her clients leads Marla to enroll in continuing education programs. Most recently, she earned a certificate in Leadership and Talent Management. She is a regular participant in various thought-forums and teleconferences that address current trends in career transition and leadership coaching. Marla’s future plans include gaining additional certifications in specialized coaching areas and staying current in business trends and issues that focus on the multi-generational workforce.

David Ferrera - Meeting Facilitation and Team Building SpecialistDavid Ferrera is a meeting facilitation and team building specialist who delivers programs on communication skills, integrity, and results. David began working with Dr. Clue Treasure Hunts in 2004. He is fond of saying: “I’ve been in the field of organizational development for over fifteen years. When I found the work of Dave Blum & Dr. Clue, I knew I’d found a special combination of fun, learning, and team performance.”

David has facilitated meetings and lead team building programs for Fortune 500 companies on two continents. He delivers fun, interactive, challenges designed to open the hearts and minds of business leaders. David handles all aspects of meeting and agenda planning, runs the event, and summarizes outcomes. He has delivered to groups as large as four hundred. In 2005, David launched ANgELO, The Meeting Guy.

David holds an M.A. in Business and a Certificate in Organizational Development from C.I.I.S. in San Francisco.

John Girault - Team Building FacilitatorJohn Girault has over 15 years of experience facilitating organized recreation programs and events. After completing his formal education in Natural Resource Management at UNC-Wilmington, he spent several years with the US Forest Service and the Department of Natural Resources. It did not take long for John to decide to pursue a career that focused on corporate recreation and events. While working in the resort industry in Charleston, SC, he discovered a sincere interest in directing corporate team building activities. John enjoys taking business groups away from their familiar element and placing them in an environment that fosters group cohesion in an informal and enjoyable atmosphere. Most recently, John has founded Charleston Synergy, a company offering customized corporate team building and recreational activities.

Jennifer Grinfeld - Consultant Trainer and Skilled FacilitatorJennifer Grinfeld, consultant, trainer and skilled facilitator, completed her BS in Communication Management with a Minor in Public Policy from Emerson College in Boston, MA and received her MS in Organizational Change Management from the Milano School of Management and Urban Policy at New School University in New York City. Her special skills and interests revolve around systems thinking, group processes, participatory strategic planning and appreciative inquiry, as well as organizational development and managing change. She has extensive experience in needs assessments, workshop design and facilitation, and leading dynamic team building activities. With authenticity, enthusiasm and a passion for life, Jennifer allows individuals and organizations to understand who they are and what they need to drive and achieve maximum results.

Christine McHugh - Corporate Trainer in Organizational DevelopmentChristine McHugh has been a facilitator for Dr. Clue since 2002 leading teambuilding treasure hunts all over the world. Her career path has twisted interestingly through actor (Ace Helpful Hardware Girl), traffic violator school instructor (now there’s a tough audience), corporate trainer, management consultant, improv teacher, and life coach.

As a corporate trainer in the Organizational Development department of CHW (a 40 member hospital system) she has led programs in everything from Supervisory Skills to Customer Service with lots of experience in the design and delivery of experiential workshops.

With almost 10 years as an improviser and teacher she uses improvisation as a means of staying present to your circumstances, designing and facilitating workshops on leadership, collaboration, creativity and stress management through Sue Walden & Co. and ImprovWorks.

Christine is a member of Focused Solutions Group a management consulting firm and offers her expertise in coaching to managers who are looking to develop their leadership strengths.

She is a life coach trained through the Coaches Training Institute in the co-active coaching model as well as a coach/practitioner of The Work of Byron Katie after graduating from The School For The Work. Her work as a personal coach combines her MFA in Theatre Arts with her dedication to personal development by helping people bring creative projects such as solo shows, books or keynote presentations to fruition. See more about her performance project coaching at

A life long learner as well as teacher and coach, Christine is dedicated to helping others find and create value in their lives through honest and compassionate self-examination with the goal of making them more effective and fulfilled in their professional and personal pursuits.

Alain Oliver - Director of Organizational DevelopmentAlain Oliver is the Director of Organizational Development for a bi-lingual, non-profit agency in Wilmington, DE, and has been leading Dr. Clue Treasure Hunts since 2004. A passion for teambuilding and leadership development, Alain ignites participants limitless potential through outdoor, adventure program which he has been leading for over 8 years. As a compliment to outdoor experiential learning, Alain is a certified DISC behavioral profile instructor and a year veteran of adult-friendly classroom facilitation. He is the past-president of the Greater Philadelphia Chapter of the American Society for Training and Development (ASTD) and will graduate with an MBA from Pennsylvania State University’s Smeal College of Business in June 2010. On a personal note, Alain is a husband, a father of two (maybe of more by the time you get to meet him) and fluent in English and Spanish.

Rhonda York - Certified Leadership and Talent Management CoachRhonda York As a Certified Leadership and Talent Management Coach, Rhonda has provided directional consulting and a competent sounding board to a diverse client base including CEO’s, senior level business managers, PhD’s, MD’s, MBA candidates and college graduates. Her career background encompasses 7+ years in coaching, over 15 years in marketing management and in training and adult development in the marketing and academic fields.

She assists leaders in launching organizational change initiatives and fine tuning their impact on their management team and other staff members. She holds each client accountable for their action steps towards accomplishing their personal and professional goals. Clients are at ease to speak candidly with Rhonda in a confidential relationship.

Rhonda coaches her clients to develop their leadership skills and has counseled and coached individuals in developing and obtaining professional, personal and career goals. Rhonda also coaches individuals through career transition, providing assistance in résumé and cover letter development, interview coaching and balancing life, work and family through self-care. She facilitates a variety of workshops and speaks to groups on diverse topics. Rhonda has been a keynote speaker to audiences of 10 – 500+ and emceed local events in Charlotte, NC.

She has served on the Board of Directors for the Career and Personal Counseling Center of Charlotte and is also past board member of the International Coaching Federation-Charlotte Area Chapter. Rhonda completed her coach training with Coach U, which is an internationally acclaimed training program for professionals in the coaching field. Rhonda is a Certified Leadership and Talent Management Coach, certified to administer the Golden Personality Type Profile, (an advanced and enhanced MBTI), the Work Behavior Inventory (WBI) and a variety of other assessment tools. Rhonda holds a Business Administration Degree from Western Carolina University. She is a Charlotte native.

Rhonda utilizes her extensive professional experience to focus on innovative and creative coaching and training methods for positive change, consistent development, and facilitation of client growth; she sets the highest personal goals for quality, service, and delivery.