Build-A-Treasure-Hunt: Drive Around Town





Not every hunt needs to be facilitated… in fact, lots of team building happens simply by getting people together for a fun, recreational activity.

In the “Drive Around Town” version of our popular “Build-A-Treasure-Hunt” kit, we do things a little bit differently. The good news is, you don’t need to do any scouting here! Instead, you’ll receive 10 fun, tricky clues leading to generic locations that could be found in any city. For example, a solved clue might direct you to “a coffee shop”, “a bowling alley”, “a gas station”, etc. It’s up to your team to locate a site that meets the requirement. At each location, you’ll then take a specified photograph to finish the clue and receive credit. Creativity is highly rewarded!


  • Small groups work together to solve tricky puzzles and codes in an informal setting
  • 10 pre-made, full-color puzzles that will get you driving all around town!
  • ~120-180 minutes
  • Coordinator’s Guide, Answers, and Rule Sheets
  • Paperless: you receive the whole kit instantly, by email


  • Getting to know your teammates on a more personal level
  • Discovery of your teammates hidden skills and talents
  • Creativity and innovation
  • Exploration of the hidden treasures in your desired location
  • Fun, informal networking


$117 (plus tax). Available immediately by email download.