There are plenty of companies offering corporate team-building events these days, too many to count.  All of them make huge promises, but it can be difficult to tell which ones can really deliver.  And this is a big deal since they don’t just cost money, but you’re potentially putting your lives in their hands!

When shopping around for corporate team-building events, here are the priorities we’d say you should focus on:

  1. Being Accessible to All of Your Team

Be honest and realistic about the individuals on your team, and their individual capabilities.  Some “extreme adventure” package of outdoors excitement might sound like fun to part of the office, but in the meantime, many other members -especially those who may be older- may simply not be physically fit enough to participate in such an extreme event.

In a worse-case scenario, this could split your team between those who can and can’t participate in the events, defeating the entire purpose.

  1. Companies Who Can Back Up Their Rhetoric

It’s easy for a team-building company to promise the moon, but can they actually deliver?  Look for genuine recommendations and testimonials from past clients who will attest to their prowess.  When possible, see if you can get some phone/emails and talk to past clients directly about their experience.

You don’t want to trust your team to someone who talks a big game but is short on actual experience or results.

  1. Look for Personalization

No two corporate teams are ever exactly the same and, likewise, we tend to be pretty dubious of “one-size-fits-all” corporate team-building events.  When picking a company, you should look for one who’ll work with you, take your ideas into consideration, and custom-craft an experience that fits your specific office.

  1. Location Matters

Finally, have some practical considerations for logistics.  You might be in contact with the greatest team-building company on the east coast, but if you’re in Washington State, there are going to be tremendous costs involved flying people around.  Plus, they’re unlikely to be familiar with your local area and the possibilities it presents.  A nearby company is going to usually be a better choice, all other things being relatively equal.

Dr. Clue Can Help!

For more advice, or a free consultation on what sorts of team-building exercises to look for, just contact Dr. Clue today! Dr. Clue offers professional team building adventures that promote teamwork in a fun and exciting experience.