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scavenger_hunt_map_5New York, LA, London, Paris… and that’s just the beginning.  With over 140 pre-designed treasure hunts to choose from, on three continents, you can be sure Dr. Clue will have a great neighborhood or museum hunt venue in your city of choice.   And if we don’t, give us a call and we’ll create it for you.

Dr Clue...Clues

virtual teamsThe days of simple word-play clues are so 20th Century!  Expect an awesome array of puzzles, codes and ciphers.  Morse Code, Braille, Semaphore, Pig Latin, Word Searches, Logic and Trivia quizzes… the whole kitchen sink.  Our brilliant Ivy League clue writers are ready to challenge and delight you with their brainy clue concoctions.

Our Guides

magnifying glassLooking for some substance with your fun?  Our treasure hunt guides are all professional trainers with years of team development experience.   They’re smart, they’re good looking (of course!), and they’re experts at keeping the energy high while bringing home the meaning behind the adventure.

Relationship Driven

buildabikeDuring your treasure hunt, people share of themselves and learn about their teammates.  They practice empathy, celebrate successes, and build trust by making commitments and keeping them.  They employ positive communication skills like encouragement, transparency, and conflict resolution.  And they experience the family feeling that comes from going through a journey together with their peers.

Dr.Clue - Solving the Puzzles of Teamwork