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We’re the guys to call when you need a dazzling, brainy, corporate team building adventure that’s serious about business.

Our structured, team-building Treasure Hunts and Charity Events (Hi-tech, Low-tech, Facilitated, DIY) help you…

  • Ramp up trust and employee engagement
  • Foster deeper understanding and appreciation of your co-workers
  • Release stress, blow off steam and raise over-all morale

And they’re fun as all get out!  Call us if you’re convinced corporate team building should be a blast — and good for you, too!  Dr. Clue TeambuildingFun, Camaraderie, Adventure, Philanthropy  — with Business ROI!

Dr. Clue’s team building events get down to business!

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Dave Blum is founder, brain trust, clue-master-in-chief, and team-building expert behind Dr. Clue, the thinking man's team building company. After long stints in teaching, tourism, non-profits and corporate America, Dave found his true calling in 1995, creating team building programs that transform employee engagement, one puzzle at a time. Read more about Dave Blum…

Success is more than simply performance and “winning”; it’s a rich combination of Performance, Learning and Enjoyment! Working in teams allows you to develop self-mastery, self-knowledge and self-empowerment. High-performing teams see not problems but opportunities. People working together on a team, for a common purpose, can create miracles."

- Dave Blum, AKA Dr. Clue

If mere "recreation" and "entertainment" are what you seek, please look elsewhere. Our team building events are BUSINESS-focused!

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Dr. Clue's smart, stimulating, business simulation team-building activities are FUN WITH A PURPOSE! You'll learn new skills; you'll break down barriers between staff members; you'll interact with your host city; and you'll have a ball in the process.

This taught me that cross collaboration is something you should consider early on rather than as a last resort."

– Dr. Clue team building event participant