150+ Scavenger Hunts worldwide.
Smart-phone hunts or "Old School"
Clue customized to your company!
And Bike Builds, too!
Adventure, Fun, Bonding:  Dr. Clue

scavenger_hunt_map_5New York, LA, London, Paris… and that’s just the beginning.  With over 145 pre-designed treasure hunts to choose from (on three continents), you can be sure Dr. Clue will have a great neighborhood or museum hunt venue in your city of choice.   And if we don’t, give us a call and we’ll create it for you.

Our Amazing Clues

virtual teamsSimple word-play scavenger hunts are so 1990!  Our brilliant, 21st Century treasure hunt clues are in the mode of National Treasure and the Da Vinci Code: expect to experience a truly awesome array of sophisticated, full-page puzzles, codes and ciphers, ie. Morse Code, Braille, Semaphore, Pig Latin, Word Searches, Logic and Trivia quizzes… in short, the whole kitchen sink!  Are you ready for the brainiest mental (and physical) challenge this side of Jeopardy?!!

Puzzle-Based Bike Builds

Bike BuildsWhat happens when you combine a bike build with a treasure hunt? You get the “Dr. Clue Puzzling Bike Build“. Your teams compete to solve some of our most clever puzzles, building rapport and camaraderie while earning pieces of an un-assembled bicycle. At the end of the game, groups put their bikes together, decorate them, and donate everything to a kid-based charity like the Boys/Girls Club or Big Brothers/Big Sisters. CSR meets relationship building!

Relationship Driven

virtual teamsOffering far more than a mere recreation or cut-throat competition, your Dr. Clue event is 100% SOLUTION BASED. We customize your program to help you overcome your specific RELATIONSHIP obstacles! Some of your potential team outcomes might include: increased cooperation, cross-team collaboration, familiarity & rapport, communication, trust and engagement. You tell us how you want your team to grow!

Dr.Clue - Solving the Puzzles of Teamwork