It seems like there’s one in every group:  The go-getter who absolutely has to win in every situation, and at all costs.  In many cases, especially in areas of business where winning can make the difference, this can be an admirable trait. 

But that’s not always the case, especially when in comes to intra-office activities.  When there are a handful of people who view their co-workers as “the competition,” it can quickly become poisonous to the office.  Co-operative work is discouraged.  Collaborative projects become heated games of one-upmanship. In worst case scenarios, an office can become downright poisonous, even sabotaging each others’ projects. 

And it’s rare for such a troubled venture to succeed!

That’s why our outdoor team-building activities here at Dr. Clue are designed to be as collaborative as possible.  There may be competitive elements, such as completing a treasure hunt first, but even then, we seek to emphasize a cooperative team environment over competitive aspects.

Finding the Right Balance of Cooperation and Competition

Remember the purpose of team-building.

They aren’t really outdoor team-building activities if they end up driving wedges between members of the group.  Leaving too many employees with hurt feelings could undercut the entire purpose of the exercise.

Build activities/assignments that force co-operation.

As we’ve discussed before, we love activity formats which require a wide range of skills, talents, or intelligence types.  They force co-operation and, ideally, in a way where everyone feels equally valuable to the team.  Whether you’re creating your own outdoor team-building activities, or creating actual work assignments, look to include many skill types in your group makeup.

Reward collaboration.

To a large extent, the way a company (or event) is run at the top will shape the overall psychological makeup of its members.  Are you only spotlighting lone wolves, or are you also drawing attention to worthy teamwork?  Both indoors and out, good recognition of collaboration makes it far more attractive.

Remember the big picture.

When it comes down to it, you are one team and one company. Emphasize the true win-win situation in any group work or training exercise.  No matter who “wins” or “loses” in a single activity, the group as a whole will benefit from the experience.

Dr. Clue can take your team-building to the next level and strengthen your team’s relationships with fun activities and events.  Contact us for a free consultation!