Life is a Treasure Hunt

If I asked you to guess what’s inside this chest, what would you answer? –Jewels? –Golden doubloons? –A Faberge egg? Regardless of what’s actually inside the box, opening it is exciting to think about, isn’t it?  “What could it be?” Your heart beats faster.  Adrenaline floods your system. Your breath catches in anticipation.  For this […]

SCARFing Down Fear

SCARFing Down Fear By Dave Blum Are you a scarf person?  It’s all right.  No judgement here. To be honest, I’m not big on scarves, myself.  I find them to be hot and scratchy, plus they cover up my long, elegant neck.  😊 I wore a scarf to work today, however, because S-C-A-R-F is a […]

Refreshing Your Why

Refreshing Your WHY By Dave Blum I was re-watching Simon Sinek’s great TED talk, “How Great Leaders Inspire Action” and realized it had been far too long since I had refreshed my “Why”. Now what do I mean by my “Why”? As you can see from Sinek’s chart above, your “Why” sits at the center […]

The Importance of Worthy Rivals

Worthy Rivals Who do you think of when hear the word “mentor”? Mr. Miyagi of course!“Wax on/Wax off” Obi Wan Kenobi:“Trust the force, Luke” Yoda:“Do or do not, there is no try.” Why is it in that in movies, the mentors are always old, wise and male? That can’t be right!  In real life, a […]

Not Fair

Not Fair I don’t know about you, but I don’t trust tests. They’re just not fair!  I blame it all on that day in the 4th grade. It’s 1973, Meadows Elementary School, Millbrae, CA. I’m 10 years old and my homeroom teacher, Mr. Ramos announces, “Today we’re going to take a test.   You have 30 […]

Beaming up Trust

Beaming Up Trust Hearing a “BEEP”, Ensign Smith flips open his Communicator device. “Ensign Smith here. What’s that? Kirk and Spock want me to go on an away mission to planet Theta Epsilon 6? Great!  I’ll meet you at the transporter room.” Closing his Communicator, Smith’s eyes widen with a sudden realization: “Oh wait, crap, […]

Sliding Doors

If I told you that somewhere in the universe, there was a duplicate you, sitting in a duplicate room, in a duplicate chair, reading a duplicate article, would you believe me?   Well according to modern science, it’s almost certainly true.  And I’m afraid to say, your duplicate self might just be a better version of […]


Superstar How far would you be willing to go to become famous? Meet Kaylee, a 14-year-old from Louisiana, otherwise known as “Hammer Girl”. A die-hard fan of the Korean K-pop band, BTS, Kaylee got so excited about a band-member’s new hair style that she tweeted: “He’s so beautiful I could shove a hammer in my […]

Trust Report Card: Who is More Trustworthy, Trump or Biden?

Trust Report Card:  Who is More Trustworthy, Trump or Biden?            Four years ago, after watching their acceptance speeches at the Republican and Democratic National Conventions, I gave both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton a “Trust Report Card” respectively.  You can read each of those articles here: Trump Report Card 2016 . […]

Orlando — Magic Kingdom Disneyworld

Magic Kingdom, Disneyworld   A magical site  to hold a teambuilding scavenger hunt in Orlando   Event Description: What do they say when they win the Superbowl?  “I”m going to Disneyworld!”   And what do corporate groups say when they want a great time?   “I”m going to to Disneyworld — to play a treasure hunt!!”  […]