10 Tips for Promoting Team Mindfulness

10 Tips for Promoting Team Mindfulness   It’s no secret that we’re all experiencing unprecedented levels of stress, both in our personal lives and especially in the workplace. One solution for mitigating all this agitation is to take your team out of the office (playing a teambuilding scavenger hunt, perhaps) – blowing off steam, unplugging, […]

newsletter puzzle clue 100918

Here’s this week’s puzzle clue challenge, leading to somewhere interesting/unusual in the world.   Solve the puzzle below, search the internet for the location indicated, go there, and answer the final question at the bottom of the puzzle.   Send your answer to dave@drclue.com to receive 1 entry into our drawing.   All entries go […]

The 12 Best Ways to Motivate Your Team

Okay, you got me!  As managers, we can’t really “motivate” anyone to do anything – at least, not in the long term.   Oh sure, we can briefly dangle a carrot (or wield a stick), but take away the external factors and poof –there goes the motivation. Rather than focusing on penalties and incentives, it’s far […]

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Scavenger Hunts

1) Teambuilding “scavenger hunts” and “treasure hunts” are two different animals. A scavenger hunt involves the execution of a simple list. For example, in a scavenger hunt, you receive a list of objects to find, or pictures to take — all very straightforward. By contrast, a treasure hunt involves the solving of tricky clues that […]

Clue Puzzle 092518

Hi everyone, Here’s this week’s clue puzzle, leading to somewhere cool in the world   Send your answer to dave@drclue.com to receive 1 entry into our drawing.   All entries go into a drawing for a series of $10 Amazon Egiftcards.    Good luck! Contest ends at 5pm on Wednesday September 27th.   ***Increase your chances […]

10 Sure-Fire Ways to Boost Team Productivity

Here are 10 sure-fire ways to boost team productivity.  Note that I’m not saying “teamwork” or “teambuilding”.   Where the rubber meets the road is productivity–deliverables–work getting done.  All the rest is fluff.     1) Decide which tasks would benefit from a team approach and which tasks could better be done individually, and ONLY do […]

Is Teambuilding a Waste of Money?

Recently I came across this very interesting and challenging article in the Harvard Business Review, titled: Stop Wasting Money on Team Building by Carlos Valdes-Dapena In a nutshell, the author argues that most corporate teambuiilding is a waste of time.  He refers to bowling, ropes courses, and the like, and references one company which took […]

clue puzzle 091018

Hi everyone, Welcome to my clue puzzle. Listen in as I explain how it works:   And here's your puzzle:   Ooklay onlineway orfay away istoricalhay ignsay inway Isconsinway itledtay "iceway eamcray undaesay".   At the location indicated, answer this question: Q:  How much did the concoction cost in 1881?       Send me [...]

Teamwork vs. Teaming

Did you know there is a difference between “teamwork” and “teaming”?    I didn’t either until I watched a great TED talk by Amy Edmondson, which you can watch here.   It’s called “How to Turn A Group of Strangers into a team”.   Edmondson suggests that teamwork is what sports teams do.  Teamwork is: –stable –a […]

drclue twitter puzzle #1

Welcome to Dr. Clue’s Twitter Puzzle #1!!!!   Are you ready to travel around the world (virtually), in search of cool mystery locations.  Click here for puzzle #1!   Find all the words in the word search and pull out the letters NOT circled to read your secret message — directions to somewhere really cool […]

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