Choosing the Right Company for Your Corporate Team-Building Events

There are plenty of companies offering corporate team-building events these days, too many to count.  All of them make huge promises, but it can be difficult to tell which ones can really deliver.  And this is a big deal since they don’t just cost money, but you’re potentially putting your lives in their hands! When shopping around […]

The Best of Intentions

Have you ever heard co-workers engaged in a conflict exclaim, “I didn’t mean it that way”? “Intentions” play a crucial part in dust ups like this. Nine times out ten, you didn’t mean to hurt someone — in fact, you were trying to help them!  So why does it always seem to come across as […]

Is Hillary Clinton Trustworthy?: The 5 Criteria for Judging Trust

Not long ago, after watching Donald Trump’s acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention, I gave him a “trust report card”, based on the following criteria: Sincerity Reliability Competence Caring Transparency You can read my whole article here. To review: Sincerity is about honesty; it’s about telling the truth as you see it.   A sincere […]


I came across this article today by Chip and Dan Heath (the Heath Brothers). I think you’ll enjoy it Dave   THE FIVE DYSFUNCTIONS OF A TEAM DECISION-MAKING PROCESS* *Hat tip to Patrick Lencioni—we’re ripping off the title of his classic book Five Dysfunctions of a Team for this piece. Dysfunction 1: Mass confusion. (Nobody […]

Is Trump Trustworthy?: the 5 Criteria for Judging Trust

After watching Donald Trump’s acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention, I found myself thinking, “He sure gives a good talk, but can I trust this guy?”   It’s fascinating how important trust seems to be when it comes to relationships.   In his seminal book, “The Five Dysfunctions of a Team”, Patrick Lencioni places trust […]

2019 Context of Business

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Five Questions We Should Be Asking About Competition

“Competition is the worst possible arrangement as far as relationship is concerned” –educator Alfie Kohn (1986) In one of my recent articles, I discussed the great Alfie Kohn’s controversial thoughts about rewards and recognition. Perhaps even more thought-provoking are Kohn’s ideas about competition, raised in his seminal and fascinating work, “No Contest-the Case Against Competition” […]

Clue Trek — Bronze (Offsite)

Our Clue Trek Bronze program (held at any of our 150+ clue locations) is our signature, offsite, Smart Phone Hunt, but completely self guided, without all the bells and whistles.  You download the app, we provide the tutorial over the phone, and you run the hunt yourselves.  Although it doesn’t have our full range of […]

Effectively Creating Trust at Corporate Team Building Events

It’s a beloved gag in any movie wanting to make fun of school or corporate team building events:  The infamous “trust exercise” where one person is supposed to close their eyes and fall into the arms of another employee… who, of course, gets distracted and lets their partner go thud. 

Why We Prefer Treasure Hunts Over Scavenger Hunts for Team Building

“Why do you use treasure hunts rather than scavenger hunts for team building?” It’s a pretty common question we get here, and an understandable one.  Using scavenger hunts for team building is a relatively common form of outdoor team building, whereas treasure hunts are less often seen.  Many don’t even know there is much of a difference. […]

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