Five Questions We Should Be Asking About Competition

“Competition is the worst possible arrangement as far as relationship is concerned” –educator Alfie Kohn (1986) In one of my recent articles, I discussed the great Alfie Kohn’s controversial thoughts about rewards and recognition. Perhaps even more thought-provoking are Kohn’s ideas about competition, raised in his seminal and fascinating work,…


Clue Trek — Bronze (Offsite)

Description Our Clue Trek Bronze program (held at any of our 150+ clue locations) is our signature, offsite, Smart Phone Hunt, but completely self guided, without all the bells and whistles.  You download the app, we provide the tutorial over the phone, and you run the hunt yourselves.  Although it…


Can People Really Be Motivated?

  There’s an old story that goes like this: “An elderly man has endured the insults of a crowd of ten-year-olds each day as they passed his house on their way home from school. One afternoon, after listening to another round of jeers about how stupid and ugly and bald…


Chinatown/North Beach Teambuilding Scavenger Hunt

A great San Francisco Teambuilding Scavenger Hunt in North Beach and Chinatown   This has to be one of the premier places in the WORLD for a teambuilding scavenger hunt. Let’s just start with the restaurants!   Fantastic pasta…delectable Chinese food…and that’s just the beginning.  You’ll also see ancient temples, historical…










Congratulations.   You made it to the end of the hunt!

Your final password is:   “Penguin

Please find Dr. Clue and tell him the password.


What is Success?

If you’ve ever watched “Raiders of the Lost Ark” (and who hasn’t?), you know that Indiana Jones doesn’t really  have a choice; he must find the Ark of the Covenant (with all its mysterious power) before the bad guys or leave the entire world at dire risk.  For Indy, it’s…